House in Ohguchi by Airhouse

House in Ohguchi by Airhouse

By Leibal / Published by Leibal
House in Ohguchi is a minimal residence located in Aichi, Japan, designed by Airhouse.

This house is located on a narrow and long lot facing frontal roads on three sides. The client requested a home-cum-office with an open living-dining-kitchen space with high ceiling, which would be used as his own web design office; and he wanted to keep an appropriate distance between the work zone and the daily living zone where his wife does housework. Due to the lot being narrow in the east-west direction, it was difficult to have a sufficient building width. Therefore, the floor plan was positioned obliquely to secure the necessary areas. The building corners were rounded to alleviate the building’s oppressive impression standing on the corner site; and an exterior space where lush greenery would be planted was provided by securing enough open space on the site.


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