Elegant Design Meets Versatile Performance With This Customizable Home System

Elegant Design Meets Versatile Performance With This Customizable Home System

By Jensen Power
Presented by Henrybuilt
Henrybuilt’s luxury line of products streamline the functionality of some of the most hard-working rooms in your home.

Consider the multitude of tasks and uses of your kitchen. It must be high-performing and functional, organized, comfortable, and (hopefully) beautifully designed. That’s a lot to ask from the room where you likely spend the majority of your time, but Scott Hudson, the founder and creative director at Henrybuilt, has made it his mission to take this complex space and make it simple. "The intersection of luxury and performance is something rarely seen in the kitchen, which is what motivated me to start Henrybuilt years ago," he shares. With Henrybuilt, Hudson has designed a variety of products—for the kitchen and beyond—that streamline a home’s functionality and performance while delivering beautiful, high quality design in order to fit how people live. 

Henrybuilt's Opencase Wall System provides beautiful wall paneling with flexible functionality. The easily reconfigurable panels make kitchens, mudrooms, entryways, or studies endlessly customizable and organized. 

The Henrybuilt Functional Partition Wall provides elegant spatial screening or division of space within the kitchen. It provides both privacy and transparency, creating distinct spaces without dividing them harshly. 

Many people desire customization in the kitchen and throughout the home. Some homeowners opt for custom millwork—interior finishes and decorative components such as paneling and cabinets—to achieve the specific look they want. Hudson looked to create a more global solution that feels very custom, but that also prioritizes performance. "A millworker might be able to create something that feels personal, but the custom nature of what they do means they lack the ability to see how their product performs over time," he says. "We prioritize both, together, because that’s how to create the best feeling within a home long term." As a result, Henrybuilt’s products—such as the Opencase Wall System, the Horizontal and Vertical Bar Blocks, the Functional Partition Wall, and Interior Components—reflect a range of tastes and preferences, and are built to last while boosting a space’s performance and versatility. 

One side of the Functional Partition Wall is sculptural, meant to beautifully separate the kitchen space. 

The other side, the "working side," is utilitarian. It can be attached to an island or peninsula, or be free-standing. 

The Horizontal Bar Block can be designed into an island or peninsula, and contains accessories for the kitchen. It also acts as a serving surface.

The beauty of Henrybuilt’s line of products is that they feel like they’re custom made for any space. Aesthetic is an important piece of the company’s ethos, and so they dedicate one of their designers to every project to make sure a client’s system reflects their taste. "To ensure a good fit, a member of our team works directly with a homeowner or their architect so that what we create is an integral part of the home’s architecture," Hudson says. 

The Horizontal Bar Block is a specialized toolbox for cooking and serving.  

Interior Components are designed to be specialized but flexible, allowing for optimal organization in the kitchen without tying you down to have things in a fixed location. "[They] are designed to be highly specialized yet are like little sculptures in a place where you usually see a pile of ‘stuff,’" says creative director Scott Hudson. 

The Interior Component’s back-of-door rack can be configured with a combination of shelves and rods.  

Luxurious design and high performance don’t always go hand in hand. In fact, it feels rare to find a product that values them both equally. For Hudson, these tenants were the foundation of his business. "What makes our system special is its ability to simultaneously deliver elegance and utility," he says. He sites a few examples from the Henrybuilt family of products. "Individual Components are reconfigurable on their own, but they also belong to a family that looks and works well together. The Bar Block recognizes the need to serve, to have close access to certain tools, dishes, electrical supply, and also to shield the view of a sometimes dirty counter. The Bar Block has a specific aesthetic impact; but on the inside it is configured based on specific needs." Hudson and his team have struck upon the intersection of design and utility, and the result is a line of products that are both highly specialized, and works of art.  

The Vertical Bar Block makes corners and small spaces functional. It can be reconfigured effortlessly to meet individual needs.  

With the exception of the storage box, the Vertical Bar Block is open so that whatever is stored there is easily accessible.  

Hudson’s ultimate goal is for people to live in a space that looks and functions like a reflection of their life. As he puts it, "The benefit of all of this is ultimately creating a long-lasting great feeling from living in one’s home." By striking a balance between form and function, Henrybuilt is able to provide homeowners with a solution that will look and perform well for years to come. 

The Opencase Wall System works in many different rooms, such as mudrooms and studies, making wall space elegantly functional. 

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