Textured Bluestone Marries Minimalist Design in This Timeless Abode

Located on a corner site in Brighton, Australia, is a unique family home with harmonious transitions between interior and exterior spaces.
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Named the Quarry House, this striking, bluestone-clad dwelling has been designed by creative architecture studio Finnis Architects in collaboration with interior designer Carmel Iudica. The seemingly simple, geometric exterior form balances with the minimalistic, open interiors, natural materials, and repetitive architectural elements that carry throughout the home from indoors to out. 

An open floor plan seamlessly transitions from interior to exterior. Large spans of glazing and the extension of natural materials break the wall between indoors and out. 

A refined, subdued palette forms the exterior facade and passes onto the interior living spaces. The rectilinear shape of the home is decorated by vertical and horizontal joints of bluestone cladding, adding texture to a simple formwork. Expansive glazing breaks up the solid wall while drawing plentiful daylight into the main living spaces. 

Set within a corner lot, the home takes advantage of views outward along the length of the site through large expanses of clear glazing.

Natural stonework flawlessly transitions from the exterior landscaping elements to the home's facade, creating a pure, architectural gem. 

On the interior, powder-coated steel, timber-clad soffits, wood casework, and natural stone accents create bright, warm living spaces that seamlessly transition from one to the other. An open-plan lifestyle is supported by separate living zones arranged on two floors. 

Social gathering spaces, such as the kitchen, living, and dining areas, are all located on the main floor and oriented toward the home's private outdoor space. Four bedrooms are located above on the first floor, yet remain visually connected to the main living spaces and outdoor areas. 

Wood accents, evident in casework, doors, and the wood-slat ceiling, provide warmth against the cool, bluestone facade. A large wood-and-steel pivot door serves as a grand entry.

Vertical wood slats continue from the stair treads to the ceiling, emphasizing the openness and grandeur of the open, two-story dining space.

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The kitchen is tucked under the living spaces above and wrapped in a warm wood finish. The use of marble as a continuous countertop and backsplash creates a clean, contemporary look.

The copper hood makes a bold statement in the subdued kitchen.

A catwalk, bordered by a modern steel-and-glass railing and a vertical wood-slat wall, connects the four bedrooms on the upper floor.

The master bath is a luxurious retreat wrapped in dark tiles and completed with a floating vanity and soaking tub. The wood slats make an appearance, somewhat resembling the flowing curtains and surrounding trees in the background. 

A custom wash basin from the stone supplier BAMSTONE emphasizes the home's connection to natural materials and the environment.

For a home that has no front or backyard, there are ample exterior spaces that wrap around and into the living spaces. A layering of construction materials blurs the boundary between outside and inside. From stone, to glass, to movable curtains, to open space, the transparent building envelope splits the discrepancy between the two environments, creating a daylight interior that opens directly onto the sun and sky. This is a modern dwelling sure to suit a growing family who wants to engage with the alluring Australian environment without sacrificing good design. 

Continuous materials and expansive operable glazing blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, drawing the natural elements inward.

The side yard is filled with a long, narrow built-in swimming pool. It is the perfect environment to enjoy the Australian sunshine. 

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Finnis Architects / @finnish_architects

Builder / General Contractor: The Rattray Group

Interior Design: Carmel Iudica Interior Design


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