Dwell 24: The Best Emerging Designers of 2019

Dwell 24: The Best Emerging Designers of 2019

By Dwell
Welcome to our annual presentation of the 24 designers who need to be on your radar now.

Meet this year's Dwell 24: our 2019 roster of up-and-coming talent. From lighting and furniture makers, to sculptors, product designers, and more, the two-dozen-strong group embodies a spirit of experimentation that we love. 

Click to check out Q&As and/or videos with each designer, and don't miss "The Design Life," a summary of interview responses about the habits and obsessions of this year’s Dwell 24, linked at the bottom.

Ian Cochran

Location: New York City | Instagram: @ian_alistair_cochran 

Ian Cochran’s Plump Side Table embodies the spirit of experimentation shared by the two dozen-plus designers highlighted here.

See the Q&A with Ian Cochran.

Simon Schmitz

Location: Hamburg, Germany | Instagram: @simonschmitz.lighting 

The Yalta floor lamp by Simon Schmitz.

See the Q&A with Simon Schmitz.

Samson Furniture Design

Location: Oakville, Ontario | Instagram: @samson_furniture

The Rhythmic Serenity chair by Samson Furniture Design.

See the Q&A with Samson Furniture Design.

Laura Itkonen

Location: Helsinki, Finland | Instagram: @laura_itkonen

A work from Itkonen's sculptural container series.

See the Q&A with Laura Itkonen.

Ryan Edward Studio

Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA | Instagram: @ryanedwardstudio

The Orbit Wall Sconce by Ryan Edward Studio.

See the Q&A with Ryan Edward Studio.

Alex Brokamp

Location: Los Angeles, California | Instagram: @alexbrokamp

The Peapod Light by Alex Brokamp.

See the Q&A with Alex Brokamp.


Location: Mexico City, Mexico | Instagram: @vidivixistudio

The Café Con Leche Table by Vidivixi.

See the Q&A with Vidivixi.

Gabriel Tan Studio/Origin

Location: Singapore & Porto, Portugal | Instagram: @gabrieltandesign & @originmade

Pieces from the Charred Vases Series by Gabriel Tan Studio/Origin.

See the Q&A with Gabriel Tan Studio/Origin.

Àga Concept

Location: Lagos, Nigeria  | Instagram: @theagaconcept

Egungun-Ngar Balls by Àga Concept.

The Crin Weaving Lamp by Paula Corrales Studio.

See more about Paula Corrales Studio.

Agnes Studio

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala | Instagram: @agnesstudio.co 

The Lana Bench by Agnes Studio.

See the Q&A with Agnes Studio.


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark & Stavanger, Norway | Instagram: @mijostudio

The Lil Chair by MIJO Studio.

See the Q&A with MIJO Studio.

Mario Tsai Studio

Location: Hangzhou, China | Instagram: @mariotsai_studio

The Pig Table by Mario Tsai Studio.

See the Q&A with Mario Tsai Studio.

Malcolm Majer

Location: Baltimore, Maryland | Instagram: @malcolmmajer

Chair 3 by Malcolm Majer.

See the Q&A with Malcolm Majer.

Studio Truly Truly

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands | Instagram: @studiotrulytruly

The Levity Pendant Light by Studio Truly Truly.

See the Q&A with Studio Truly Truly.

Hi Thanks Bye

Location: Toronto, Canada | Instagram: @studiohithanksbye

The Uo Shelf/Divider by Hi Thanks Bye.

The Bullarengue Lounge Chair for Collection 1 by Ángel Mombiedro.

See the Q&A with Ángel Mombiedro.

SinCa Design

Location: Tolland, Connecticut | Instagram: @sinca_design

The Mezcal Table by SinCa Design.

See the Q&A with SinCa Design.


Location: Providence, Rhode Island & New Delhi, India | Instagram: @indo.made

The Ikat Credenza by INDO-.

See the Q&A with INDO-.

Studio Paola Sakr

Location: Beirut, Lebanon | Instagram: @studiopaolasakr

The Quantam Vase by Studio Paola Sakr.

See the Q&A with Studio Paola Sakr.


Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan | Instagram: @studio.sunnykim

The Depth of Surface Chair by Studio.Sunnykim.

A Brass and Lacquered Wood Daybed by Green River Project.

Everyday Scissors in Black by Before Breakfast.

Pyramid Shelves by Wendy Andreu.

See the Q&A and video with Wendy Andreu.

The Design Life by the Numbers

Learn more about the Dwell 24’s habits, obsessions, and different ways of thinking about design by checking out "The Design Life" infographic.

Design Advice From Seasoned Pros

We've also gathered wisdom from 10 famous designers around the world, including Gaetano Pesce, the Italian architect and designer, as well as Sofie Christensen Egelund, co-owner of Danish design company Vipp.
See what advice the designers have to pass along.


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