DublDom Prefab Homes Can Be Built in One Day

DublDom Prefab Homes Can Be Built in One Day

With five designs ranging from a modern cabin to a five-bedroom dwelling, Russian prefab company DublDom now accepts pre-orders in the U.S.

Moscow architect Ivan Ovchinnikov of BIO Architects founded DublDom, a modular house design-and-build company, to create affordable, prefabricated houses that can be transported and installed within a single day. DublDom houses come fully equipped with electrical wiring, as well as water and sewer connection pipes, so all owners have to do is hook these systems up to their local electrical and water supply to be move-in ready.

Dubldom presently offers five different models that range from 280-square-foot studios to 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom dwellings that work well for families. 

The DublDom technology saves resources at all stages of the development and lifespan of the house, cuts down on construction time, and treads lightly on its site. 

This result is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly building that has a minimal impact on the environment. 

A fully assembled DublDom house that was transported to its site by helicopter.

A DublDom house rests on a barge.

"We believe that architecture can change the environment and people, and influence the world around us," says Ovchinnikov. "DublDom for us is a tool and an opportunity to change the world, so it is important for us to create an affordable and massive architectural product that allows us to make large-scale changes."

The company, which has already completed 500 projects, mostly in Russia, is now taking pre-orders for Europe and the United States. 

Below, we present five DublDom models that you can purchase. 

DD 26 

The smallest DublDom model, the DD 26 is a compact, 280-square-foot studio with a cozy bathroom with heated floors. 

Perfect for a holiday retreat, this tiny Dubldom has all the warm wood interiors one would expect of a cabin in nature.

Floor plan drawing for DD 26

DD 43

This one-bedroom, 463-square-foot model is available at a starting price of $49,081.

The house has triple-glazed wooden doors and windows, and is equipped with indoor and outdoor lighting.

DD 43 floor plan drawing

DD 43 facade drawing

DD 65

The DD 65 has approximately 700 square feet of living space.

Starting at $63,922, this model has two bedrooms, insulated floors, and triple-glazed windows.

DD 65 floor plan drawing

DD 65 facade drawing

DD 103

This 1,109-square-foot model has four to five bedrooms.

This model starts at $94,747, but you can pay for add-ons like a sauna and side terrace.

DD 103 floor plan drawing

DD 103 facade drawing

Custom Designed Prefab Homes

Ovchinnikov and his team can also custom design a DublDom modular prefab to your specifications, and have it ready in less than six months. 


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