A Crafty Storage Wall Helps Define a Designer Couple’s Brooklyn Loft

A birch plywood table that the homeowners built inspires a functional wall that separates living areas and provides much-needed storage.
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Aubrey Ament and Will Glaser, the couple behind multidisciplinary design studio GLAM, moved from Portland, Oregon, into a sunny loft in Brooklyn with their two dogs, but the 920-square-foot space needed definite work. In addition to storage, the home needed separation between living and sleeping spaces but steer clear of extraneous interior partitions. Up for the challenge was architect Brandon Dean, founder of Brooklyn–based Dean Works

The open, 920-square-foot loft felt right to homeowners and creative couple Aubrey Ament and Will Glaser, but they needed to separate public and private spaces. A thick wall of storage did the trick.

Dean worked with Ament, who has a background in industrial and product design, and Glaser, whose background is in furniture making, to develop a concept that combined the need for storage and separation into one unit. 

Brandon Dean of Dean Works used two types of stone in the kitchen: a lighter, more active marble for the countertops and backsplash, and a tamer, dark soapstone for the kitchen island.

Inspiration for the "storage wall" came from the clients’ birch plywood dining table, which they’d designed and built previously, which has two large circles cut out of both ends. The same birch plywood makes up the custom kitchen cabinetry, creating continuity in the material and color palette.

Breccia Capraia marble continues from the countertop to form the backsplash and open shelving.

The kitchen and island countertops—a white Breccia Capraia marble with bold veining and a dark soapstone, respectively—are a rich contrast to the understated elements in the rest of the kitchen area. 

Because the island is covered in a different stone, it reads like a distinct piece of furniture rather than just part of the kitchen.

The same marble comprises the backsplash and shelves to create a sense of seamlessness, while the dark blue cabinets of the island closely match the island’s stone to give it a monolithic quality. 

The cabinets have no exposed hardware and mimic the materials and detailing of the couple's birch plywood dining table.

Ultimately, the creative collaboration between Dean Works and GLAM has resulted in a space that is minimalist and warm, elegant and comfortable.

A shelving system in the living room displays books, decor, and the couple’s vinyl collection.

The sliding door between the bedroom and the kitchen is fitted with ribbed glass that allows light through while maintaining privacy.

The living room features the birch plywood table with circular voids that inspired the kitchen design.

Dean selected a black faucet and a white sink bowl rather than a more typical metallic finish so that both would blend better with the active veining of the black and white marble.

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Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Brandon Dean, Dean Works / @dean_works

Builder/General Contractor: Orchester Management Company

Photography: Daniel Salemi


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