Top 5 Homes of the Week With Inviting Reading Nooks

These homes from the Dwell community carve out space for reading and lounging. Take a peek at the ultimate nooks that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. Refurbishment for Tobías & Reme

The clients for this refurbishment by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos wanted their space to be flexible in form and function. Tons of storage space and an open, undulating layout allow the home to suit their needs.

Architect: Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos, Location: Petrer, Spain

From the architect: "An atmosphere of calm and luminous serenity is desired, providing a sense of comfort that cares equally for body and spirit. Functionality and a utilitarian approach have been highlighted, combined with craftsmanship, imagination and innovation. A tendency towards abstraction is seen in the house, with materials reduced to their minimum essence and carefully expressed."

2. Bunny Lane

This cozy corner of Bunny Lane by Heliotrope Architects is perfect for curling up with a good book and soaking in the forest views.

Architect: Heliotrope Architects, Location: Orcas Island, Washington

From the architect: "Our clients were interested in exploring an 'island vernacular' expression for their retreat house—a look and feel that would fit comfortably and timelessly on an island that they have been visiting regularly for over 40 years. The design solution integrates a contemporary open-plan residential program within a building form reminiscent of a typical island farm structure—a 'barn with a lean-to.' The shed-form structure houses the living and entertaining functions, while the gable-roof structure houses bedrooms, bathrooms and utility spaces. Decks extend on both sides of the house, allowing for outdoor leisure regardless of wind direction, and the stepped-form allows all upstairs bedrooms a water view over the floor below."

3. Peas in a Pod

A uniquely shaped, well-lit nook under the stairs of the Peas in a Pod residence provides an imaginative space for play. CplusC Architectural Workshop designed much of the space around the clients four children's needs.

Architect: CplusC Architectural Workshop, Location: Sydney, Australia

From the architect: "The design brief for the Dulwich Hill Residence called for the addition of an open kitchen, outdoor living space, dining, bathroom and laundry to an existing semi-detached period home for a young family with four children under four years old including triplets. A bold conceptual approach has been taken to accentuate the bathroom and laundry as a feature to the rear of the home. The project embraces the idea that everyday tasks such as washing clothes need not be hidden away in a dark room and that the expression of these functions in a new typology can provide exciting opportunities for the creation of seamless indoor outdoor living space."

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The living room of (re) Edwardian House benefits from Post Architecture Inc.'s skillful incorporation of bookcases, shelves, and other storage mechanisms.

Architect: Post Architecture Inc., Location: Toronto, Canada 

From the project uploader: "The transformation of this Edwardian House respects the past while offering a contemporary home for its new residents. The owners wanted to alter this once-grand, old house into a family home, without losing the charm of its original architecture; they also wanted to start construction within six weeks of taking possession and to move in before maternity leave was over. A fast-paced project on a 120-year-old home, this renewed Edwardian House respects its architectural past, minimizes invasive demolition and offers fun, bright atmospheres to help today’s youthful homeowners juggle their family and lifestyle needs."

5. Orcas Island Retreat

Orcas Island Retreat by DeForest Architects offers a sustainable, soulful getaway for a young couple. This spacious reading nook is tucked away from the living spaces.

Architect: DeForest Architects, Location: Orcas Island, Washington

From the architect: "A young couple asked us to help create 'a place to share with friends, a place for adventure and exploring, being a kid again, cooking together, experiencing nature and being part of something bigger.' The result is a long-term plan for 'restoring the soul of the property' including designing this main house, renovating a number of existing cabins, and generally creating a more sustainable landscape and building infrastructure for future generations."

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