Top 5 Homes of the Week With Alluring Exteriors

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Alluring Exteriors

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover. Take a peek at the modern homes whose charming facades caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. Homage to Oscar

Luigi Rosselli Architects wanted to preserve and accentuate classic features like the curvaceous concrete awning designed by the original architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1963.

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Sydney, Australia

From the architect: "Sometimes alterations and additions can amount to significant interventions to breathe new life into a building, occasionally they require only the lightest touch to reinvigorate an existing design, as was the case with this Sydney home, designed in classic modernist style by the architect George Reeves in 1963."

2. Big Mouth House

As the name implies, the exterior of Best Practice's Big Mouth House resembles an open-mouthed face with its powder pink framing against the black metal facade.

Architect: Best Practice, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "This small multi-family project is a modern take on what a versatile, forward-thinking, multi-family living can look like. Each unit within the project is a flexible urban home with a studio space on the lower level, a main living area upstairs and a rooftop deck to take advantage of Seattle’s unbeatable city views."

3. Refurbishment for Tobías & Reme

The existing façade has been modified by Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos with surgical care, removing only the brick parapets on the front of the balcony and unifying the two window openings that connect the living room with its terrace

Architect: Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos, Location: Petrer, Spain

From the architect: "Given the existing building, the objective is to create a new atmosphere, bringing the old dwelling up to date with mechanisms and languages of our present-day culture. An atmosphere of calm and luminous serenity is desired, providing a sense of comfort that cares equally for body and spirit. Functionality and a utilitarian approach have been highlighted, combined with craftsmanship, imagination and innovation with a tendency towards abstraction is seen in the house."

4. La Magnolia

In order to achieve a contemporary exterior while still keeping a feeling of warmth, Martin Gomez Arquitectos chose to use dark metal, black flagstone, and lapacho wood as cladding.

Architect: Martin Gomez Arquitectos, Location: Tigre, Argentina

From the architect: "We always take special attention to the shades of colors of the materials chosen, as we try not to paint but instead try to generate color through the materials itself, which helps us to communicate the style we want for each different project."

5. Hill Top Cottage

Luigi Rosselli Architects used sliding perforated plywood shutters on the addition at the back of the house to create a contemporary look while also letting in light.

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Sydney, Australia

From the architect: "Weaving architectural heritage with contemporary design and lifestyle is a practice that rewards with surprises and character filled places. In a conservative residential pocket close to North Sydney, a workers cottage perches on top of a hill looking south-east towards striking views of Sydney Harbour. The idea behind the design was to retain the existing character of the cottage to the front – its low slung and strong horizontal lines – and place a more contemporary two story addition at the back behind the ridge." 

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