Top 5 Homes of the Week With Purr-fect Spots For Pets
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Top 5 Homes of the Week With Purr-fect Spots For Pets

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By Samantha Daly
A home's design should reflect the lives of its inhabitants—even the furry ones. Take a look at the pet-friendly pads from the Dwell community that caught our editor's eye this week.

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1. Menlo Park Playful Modern

This living room has a custom cat playground—complete with scratch pads and places for the resident felines to lounge.

Interior designer: Regan Baker Design, Location: Menlo Park, California

From the interior designer: "This was one of our most fun, colorful and cat-friendly projects! Hired at the 2014 San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase, Regan Baker Design transformed our client’s low-ceilinged, dark craftsman into a modern, lofty, light-filled home that really reflects their personalities— they're do-it-yourselfers and crafty engineers."

2. Peak-a-Boo House

POST Architecture Inc. used dark accents to create depth amidst the white walls and light hardwood floors.

Architect: POST Architecture Inc., Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the project uploader: "The composition of light and dark materials repeat themselves throughout the house, and offer a harmonious visual throughout the open space. They are more than cosmetic elements, as the dark accents unite objects and spaces into a larger composition and add to the perception of depth; the bright white colors expand light into the spaces and add to one’s sense of well-being."

3. Conde D'eu House

Estúdio Penha introduced floor-to-ceiling, iron-framed picture windows that fill this home with light.

Architect: Estúdio Penha, Location: São Paulo, Brazil

From the architect: "The use of vintage and unique pieces—such as the light fixtures in the dining room and the railings—not only bring comfort, but also add a touch of finesse and detail, contrasting with the grand scale of the spaces. [The house is designed] to integrate itself with its environment and interiors by making good use of a natural atmosphere, which is one of the main characteristics of this neighborhood."

4. Modern Spanish Revival

Designers and homeowners Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia renovated this striking Sacramento residence. The original fireplace in the living room is their pup Murphy's favorite spot to keep warm. Kele's great grandmother's chairs were reupholstered in blue velvet for an added pop of color against the freshly painted white walls.

Homeowners and designers: Colossus Mfg., Location: Sacramento, California

From the homeowners and designers: "We repurposed many of the home’s original materials while also modernizing the place by adding bright elements throughout the home for a light, airy vibe, and more outdoor amenities to extend our usable living space and take advantage of the 300+ days of California sunshine we normally get in Sacramento."

5. Minimal in Mill Valley

Red Dot Studio used natural accents such as wood kitchen cabinets to reflect the family's warm and loving nature.

Architect: Red Dot Studio, Location: Mill Valley, California

From the architect: "The family’s way of life is driven by humility and simplicity. Loving and natural, their daily life is without artifice. It was important for the entire team that their house reflects this with honesty. The color palette is pure and warm."

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