Dwell’s Top 10 Home Tours of 2018

Dwell’s Top 10 Home Tours of 2018

By Kathryn M.
Get ready for the ultimate design inspiration with the most popular home tours of the year.

It's no secret that here at Dwell, we love promoting the power of good design through inspiring home tours. Not only can well-considered design and architecture enhance one’s quality of life, but it can also create a healthier connection between people and the natural environment. While we’ve covered countless residences this past year, there’s no question the 10 below made an extra-special impression on our readers. From a sleek, DIY residence (that features nine shipping containers) to a Scandinavian–style beach retreat and midcentury renovation, these projects cover all the bases when it comes to brilliant design. Scroll ahead to take a peek inside.

10. The Last Standing Home by Alexander Girard

A Michigan couple find out they own the last of a little-known, thought-to-be-extinct breed—a midcentury modern house by Alexander Girard.

Nine shipping containers form the basis of this new multigenerational house near Denver.

Taking cues from their style-conscious clients, Portland-based Jessica Helgerson Interior Design transforms an Amagansett home into a light-filled, Scandinavian-inspired getaway.

Perched atop a mountain on over six acres of woods, this young couple's weekend getaway incorporates the old with the new.

Thanks to an extensive DIY renovation, a 480-square-foot homestead in Joshua Tree, California, receives a stunning new look.

An architect and construction engineer couple build a sustainable, 624-square-foot abode for $221,580 in their Southeast Portland backyard.

Nestled among trees and apple orchards, this warm and inviting family home makes the most of its peaceful wooded plot.

Comprised of 26 freestanding, concrete columns that look like rib bones, the High Desert House sits incognito among the lunar-like landscape in Joshua Tree, California.

Covered in mirrored glass that’s transparent when viewed from within, the façade of this Mexican forest retreat reflects the color, light, and movements of its natural surroundings.

By removing walls, inserting new windows, and utilizing a lighter color palette, this historic home has been treated to a modern new look.

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