An Incredible Brazilian Home That Celebrates Art, Travel, and Nature

In Franca, Brazil, mf+arquitetos designs a unique residence for their art-loving client in just five months.

With a goal of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, mf+arquitetos was recruited to design a personal residence that would be architecturally simple and timeless, as well as integrated with nature. Adorned with a personal collection of art, photography, and sculpture, the single-level dwelling, dubbed the "Collector’s Nook," was designed to be a reflection of the client’s affinity for traveling, exploring, and learning. The 1,399-square-foot home is now a gathering place for these ideas and a platform for eternalizing memories through art and design that tell a story.

In addition to adding visual intrigue, the slatted-wood facade is quite functional. It screens direct sunlight in order to create a cooler, more pleasant indoor environment.

The living area incorporates wood, marble, and porcelain, which mimics natural concrete—a material palette that's carried throughout the home.

The suspended fireplace anchors a cozy seating area.

The home’s kitchen marries a wood-slatted ceiling and wood cabinetry with marble counters.

Sliding glass walls tuck into the home's stone exterior, allowing the living space to be completely open to the lush vertical garden outside.

Art, photographs, and sculpture are thoughtfully displayed throughout the home.

The slatted wood exterior selectively filters sunlight, cooling the interior and creating interesting light and shadow patterns.

Seamlessly connected to the living room without doors or dividers, the moody master bedroom is punctuated by collected art.

The client "wanted everything to communicate without the need for doors in the internal environments," says architect Filipi Oliveira. 

In the adjoined master bathroom, the soaking tub becomes a stunning focal point against the living backdrop.

Partially outdoors, the unconventional bathroom is a lush sanctuary.

The black toilet is nearly camouflaged against the marble-clad walls, while art and greenery stand out.

Expansive doors on either side of the home’s living space can instantly offer privacy—or complete openness to the elements.

Project Credits:

- Architecture, interior design, and lighting design: mf+arquitetos

- Builder/contractor: Vila Romana Engenharia

- Structural engineering: Cenafer

- Civil engineering: Rafael Furlan

- Landscape design: Mônica Costa

- Sound engineering: 3home


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