American Leather Breaks the Mold of Custom, High-End Furniture

American Leather Breaks the Mold of Custom, High-End Furniture

By Jenny Xie
Presented by American Leather
At American Leather, it's more than furniture—it's where lasting memories are made.

Founded on the principles of innovation and integrity, American Leather® believes that furniture is a launchpad for building new memories and sets the stage for life's big and small moments. And given that custom furniture traditionally takes three months to get from the manufacturer to the homeowner, the Dallas-based company's commitment to delivering high-end pieces to fine furniture retailers in about 30 days is no small feat. 

The Comfort Sleeper® is available in 15 different styles and an almost endless number of configurations, including sectionals. Choose from seven mattress sizes ranging from cot to king, three premium mattress options, and hundreds of upholstery choices including leather and performance fabrics by Crypton®, Sunbrella®, and Ultrasuede®. The Hannah Comfort Sleeper®, pictured above, has shapely wooden legs that mirror the slight curve of the inside arm, creating a soft, tailored look.

With a proprietary 10-day design process, the company crafts custom furniture that stands the test of time—and guarantees their longevity with a lifetime warranty on all frames. Thanks to cutting-edge techniques and skilled furniture technicians, American Leather boasts both speed and superior craftsmanship. "Our culture has positioned us to meet our promise," says Jessica Green, merchandising manager.

In addition to communicating with retailers and gathering input from across the company, American Leather's proprietary 10-day product development process relies on both in-house and outside designers for new ideas and iterations.

Green has special insight into what goes on behind the scenes at American Leather—from researching trends to product development and directing in-house product design, she is involved every step of the way. It’s another testament to what differentiates the company: while women are generally outnumbered in the industry, Green is making a name for herself as a talented female designer. She's played a major role in multiple offerings, such as the Harlow and Henley sofas and the Style In Motion® Collection. Her latest design, the Re-Invented Recliner™, shows an impeccable eye for innovation and trendsetting, and a mastery of the art of surprise.

The Re-Invented Recliner™ is a fashion-forward piece that defines a space, breaking the stereotype of the traditional recliner. A perfect blend of form and function, it comes in seven styles—including the Vida, shown above—that appeal to design connoisseurs while delivering incredible comfort.

Winner of the 2016 Pinnacle Award in motion upholstery from the American Society of Furniture Designers, the Hudson Style In Motion® features a contemporary silhouette and provides full-body support in one fluid motion.

When it comes to design inspiration, American Leather draws from a diverse, global library of resources. In addition to communicating with retailers and gathering input from across the company, the team relies on both in-house and outside designers for new ideas and iterations. "We travel domestically and internationally to see what’s happening in the landscape," says Green. From her field explorations, Green shares that the industry is shifting towards oversized, exaggerated pieces that support multiple people. "We're seeing furniture that is about bonding and creating moments among family members or friends," she says.

The Inspiration sectional and Chase chairs outfit a living room, perfect for quiet family moments and festive gatherings alike.

One of American Leather’s most popular and unique pieces, the Comfort Sleeper®, is always ready for these memory-making moments to unfold. The industry-leading sleeper sofa features the patented Tiffany 24/7™ Sleep System, a solid platform that opens and closes almost effortlessly with "no bars, no springs, no sagging." Because it extends from the back seat of the sofa, the mattress takes up less floor space than conventional sleepers—measuring only 85 inches when fully open—while offering more room for blissful sleep. Available in 15 different styles, an almost endless number of configurations, and hundreds of upholstery options, the Comfort Sleeper® is the ultimate in comfort, form, and function.

The Brynlee Comfort Sleeper® boasts structured track arms and high legs that lend an air of elegance to the design.

"We started by asking ourselves what features we would want in a sofa bed. It gives you the joy of discovering that your furniture does more than you thought it would, and answers the demands of a small space," says Green.

In 2016, the American Society of Furniture Designers honored American Leather with two Pinnacle Awards for the Hudson Style In Motion® and the Harlow in the motion upholstery and leather categories, respectively. The awards acknowledge the company’s continued push for innovation in design and craftsmanship, and its dedication to bolstering spaces where modern life unfolds. As Green, who was directly involved with both designs, notes, "The days of formal living areas and the compartmentalized approach are behind us. The furniture pieces we’re designing provide you with the functionality, comfort, and design for how you live and how you want to live."

At American Leather, furniture isn't just furniture—it's an expression of the important moments in everyday life that occur around it. The future of the company continues to revolve around innovation, customization, and the family culture that has made it an industry leader for over 25 years.

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