12 Bathroom Wall Lights We Love for Less Than $100

12 Bathroom Wall Lights We Love for Less Than $100

By Samantha Daly
Ditch your dingy bathroom vanity lights for something with a bit more spark.

Great lighting doesn't have to come at a great cost. We've found the best affordable wall sconces, vanity lights, and bath light bars that all clock in at under $100.

Schoolhouse U/2 Sconce
A study in contrasts, the minimalist U/2 Sconce illuminates with unique, industrial-inspired style. A galvanized steel backplate plays off the warmth of the double porcelain sockets putting your light bulb of choice center stage. Manufactured in our Portland, Ore. factory to exacting specifications.
Kuzco Lighting Preston Wall Sconce
The Kuzco Lighting Preston LED Wall Sconce is uniquely modern and energy efficient. A single piece of metal is shaped into a flattened tube, giving a nice view of the contrasting finish on the inside.
George Kovacs Saber 2 Light Bath Sconce
The Saber 2 Light Bath Sconce is a contemporary wall sconce by George Kovacs and features 2 cased etched opal glass cylindrical shade with metal supports. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
Maxim Lighting Revolve Bath Wall Sconce
Add a touch of the interplanetary to your walls and halls with the intriguing shapes of Maxim Lighting’s Revolve Bath Wall Sconce. Featuring a sharply-angled rectangular steel wall mount, a single rounded arm extends from the lower end, lamping within a single smooth ring above.
George Kovacs LED Vanity Light
The LED Vanity Light by George Kovacs is a slender, classic design that brings optimal illumination to master baths and powder rooms. Its cylindrical structure is made of acrylic and accented with metal ends. This shade is affixed to a rectangular backplate with a sleek ring.
Varaluz Margaux 1-Light Bath Sconce
A strong pour of elegant lighting. Taking inspiration from glasses made for sipping French wine, the Varaluz Margaux 1-Light Bath Sconce shines elegance through every segment of its compact frame.
AFX Lighting Hollywood LED Bath Bar
Ready for your close-up? The AFX Lighting Hollywood LED Bath Bar recreates classic backstage dressing room lighting with its bright row of globes.
Hinkley Lighting Kyra Bath Sconce
The Kyra Bath Sconce's from Hinkley Lighting minimalist design is anchored with a bold yet simple aesthetic. Clean and crisp, the Kyra Bath Sconce features sleek cross bar end with a subtle curve for an element of softness.
George Kovacs Saber Wall Sconce
The Saber Wall Sconce is a contemporary wall sconce by George Kovacs and features a cased etched opal glass cylindrical shade with metal supports.  George Kovacs started a lighting store in Manhattan in 1954, became a renowned designer during the '50s, '60s and '70s and sold his company name...
Eurofase Palmerston Bathroom Wall Sconce
With a fresh, modern take on a coastal-inspired style, the Palmerston Bathroom Wall Sconce by Eurofase Lighting offers a stylish lighting solution for exterior spaces. Supported by a circular backplate, an arm suspends the capsule-shaped shade.
Kuzco Lighting Exeter Bathroom Wall Sconce
The Exeter Bathroom Wall Sconce by Kuzco is confident and contemporary. Anchored by a round backplate, smooth rod-shaped arms support a circular base in a neatly tailored metallic finish. On top of this circular base, a White Opal Glass cylindrical shade diffuses a warm and even light.
Minka-Lavery Uptown Edison Wall Sconce
The Minka-Lavery Uptown Edison Wall Sconce is an homage to a time when electricity was new and its founder, Thomas Edison. A combination of Restoration styles and a minimalistic approach are used in this fixture, the exposed bulb perched on a sloping rod.

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