Sweden’s Ultra-Instagrammable Accordion House Just Hit the Market for $210K

Sweden’s Ultra-Instagrammable Accordion House Just Hit the Market for $210K

The former fishing cabin features an extension that expands like a turtle’s head coming out of its shell.

One of Sweden's most unique and instagrammed homes is now for sale. Set on the shores of Lake Övre Gla about three hours north of Gothenburg, the family cabin of Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser features an expandable living room that’s shaped like a turtle’s head. Lammers and Zeisser, both principals at Rotterdam-based 24H Architecture, designed the clever solution in response to local bylaws that limit new construction.

Like a turtle’s head, the extension expands outward from within its shell and cantilevers over a small stream that runs through the property. The cantilevering section complies with local bylaws that would have restricted a permanent foundation so close to the stream.

The cabin is located in the Glaskogen nature reserve, where strict guidelines limit new construction to roughly 320 square feet. Desiring a bit more space, the architects designed a steel frame mounted on roller-bearings, which allows the main living room to expand by an additional 290 square feet.

The new section’s shell-like exterior is wrapped in Canadian cedar-shake siding, which provides long-term durability. A large deck provides space for entertaining or enjoying lakefront views.

The homeowners generally extend the space in the summer and open the windows to cooling breezes. In the winter, they retract it to create a cozier, more insulated living area. The interior is lined in overlapping wood slats for a sleek Scandinavian look, and the cabin also has a small environmental footprint with a propane gas cooktop, a wood-burning fireplace, and solar panels for lighting.

The deck leads to a dining room set on a platform that disguises the steel frame underneath. The minimalist kitchen runs on propane gas and spring-fed water.

Named the Accordion House, or Dragspelhuset in Swedish, the Instagrammable abode has been featured in numerous international publications over the years. Now, Lammers and Zeisser are moving on, listing the property for the first time since its transformation. Keep scrolling to see more of the unique summer retreat, currently listed for 1,975,000 Swedish krona, or approximately $210,000.

A closer look at the home’s interior, which is clad in overlapping slats of silver birch.

A view of the living room when extended. Reindeer pelts cover the walls and ceiling, creating a cozy Scandinavian-inspired atmosphere.

The original, one-room cabin is now the bedroom. A platform lowers from pulleys to provide additional sleeping space.

Architects Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser sought to expand their summer cabin while complying with local bylaws that limit the size of new additions. Built in 2004, their clever extension features a pulley-and-lever-operated extendible room that cantilevers out and over an adjacent stream.

Windows on the other side of the extension provide views of the lake and allow the homeowners to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature.

The rustic property features a turf-roofed outdoor bathroom. The location is not connected to water or sewage mains, and it receives its water from natural springs.

The .7-acre lot includes direct water frontage on Lake Övre Gla, as well as a small dock. For all its unique features the original cabin and its reptilian extension largely blend into the natural surroundings.

The Accordion House in Årjäng, Sweden, is currently listed for 1,975,000 Swedish krona (~$210,000) by Malin Jakobsson of Agentur Fastighetsförmedling.

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