A Serene Tulum Tree House Perched Between the Jungle and the Sea

Nestled in the tropical jungle of Mexico's Caribbean coastline is the Tulum Treehouse, a minimalist, modern residence that's available to rent.
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Designed as a collaborative effort by local architecture firm Co-Lab Design Office, Berlin-based designer Annabell Kutucu, as well as many local artisans, the Tulum Treehouse merges with its surroundings while celebrating the craft and material compositions of the region. 

The architectural scheme is a unique, context-focused solution that engages the architecture with nature, weaving indoor and outdoor spaces into the trees, providing awe-inspiring views of the jungle. The white concrete structure, a five-bedroom retreat, extends into the jungle through large common areas, spacious wrap-around terraces, and multiple spaces for indoor/outdoor dining.  At the focal point of the home, a 20-person rooftop dining area encourages occupants to dine al fresco while enjoying the natural setting.

On the interior, a blend of locally-made products strike a balance with Kutucu's subdued palette.  Local, recycled woodwork adds warmth while Oaxacan ceramics, handmade baskets, and Mexican designer textiles add texture and color.  It is a portfolio of local culture in a sculptural, architectural form of light and shadow, immersed in a tropical setting. 

In addition to a highly-curated design scheme, the home strives to be respectful to the land on which it sits.  Thus, the home is outfitted with sustainable systems such as solar energy and its own water treatment system that assists in the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem. 

The tropical residence sits adjacent to the Biosphere Reserve, filled with exotic animals, and near the Mayan pyramids along the Caribbean Sea. The Tulum Treehouse is available to rent as either a five- or three-bedroom hideaway. 

More detailed information on the collective list of makers can be found here.


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