A Peaceful Bavarian Retreat With Expansive Outdoor Terraces

A Peaceful Bavarian Retreat With Expansive Outdoor Terraces

By Jenny Xie
Tucked in the village of Oberaudorf in Bavaria, Germany, Gut Feeling is a modern rental home that offers comfort and serenity at the foot of the Alps.

The narrow, wooden structure is divided across three levels with the kitchen, dining, and living areas occupying the first floor; the bedroom and bathroom located on the second floor; and a lounge and freestanding tub nestled on the third floor mezzanine. Striking a balance between enclosed, private spaces and open, communal areas, Gut Feeling connects to the landscape through folding glass doors that lead to large terraces. The interiors contrast dark colors with light wood, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere complete with a fireplace, reading nook, and fantastic views.

Available to rent through Welcome Beyond, Gut Feeling sleeps up to four guests and starts at $340 per night.  

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