A Cubic Dwelling in Norway Just Oozes Hygge

Minimalist yet cozy, this cluster-style home in a Norwegian forest offers plenty of nooks to get comfortable in.

Composed of overlapping cubes of different sizes, the Gjøvik house by Danish firm Norm Architects gracefully embraces its hillside terrain—naturally blending in with its stunning surroundings near Mjøsa Lake an hour north of Oslo.

The idea behind this cluster-style architecture was to give the home a cozy and inviting feeling—perfect for hibernation during the cold Nordic winter months. "Beautifully blending in with its harsh yet peaceful surroundings, with its humble structure and cozy cubes, the house showcases the epitome of hygge," explain the architects. 

The 1,636-square-foot home consists of six overlapping volumes with the entrance tucked away in a protected, narrow nook, enclosed by its cubic structure. A small hallway leads to the common areas and the center of the home. 

The exterior design creates a cozy interior universe that's filled with nooks and crannies—and a surprisingly continuous flow between the rooms. This fluidity between spaces is further defined by the unified material palette.

The floor and the wall merge into one as concrete, wood, and subtle, warm tones create an integrated look. Customized furniture and built-in pieces throughout add to the minimalist vibe. 

Thoughtfully placed windows frame selected views, while the kitchen—the heart and center of the home—offers a greater vista, with floor-to-ceiling glazing on both sides allowing ample natural light to enter. 

"The modern cluster house gives you the sensation of being together, without necessarily being in the same room, with thresholds defined by switching levels and materials." 

Eventually, the exterior cladding will fade and a silvery, weather-worn look will replace it, at which point the home will truly blend in with the landscape and be at one with its spectacular surroundings.

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Norm Architects, Linda Korndal  

Landscape Design: Norm Architects 

Lighting Design: Norm Architects 

Interior Design: Norm Architects


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