A Couple Transform a Toy Hauler Into a Mobile Tiny Home For $6K

A Couple Transform a Toy Hauler Into a Mobile Tiny Home For $6K

By Michele Koh Morollo
After a complete revamp, a 300-square-foot camper becomes a full-time residence for a family of four.

Once Rusty and Autumn Bailey had finished traveling around the country in a 42-foot-long Keystone Fuzion toy hauler, they returned to their hometown of Truckee, California, in 2016 to remodel the trailer and convert it into a cozy full-time residence for their family of four. 

Because most toy haulers are designed predominantly for short weekend getaways, the couple quickly realized the space would need to be upgraded for more efficient family living. In total, the renovation took about 12 weeks and approximately $6,000, as Autumn and Rusty conducted all of the revamp work themselves.

The original trailer had beige walls, wood-veneer cabinets, carpet, vinyl-tile flooring, and gray plaster counters. The couple thought the shades of brown and veiled tones made the space seem dark, so they infused as much bright and light-colored accents as possible. They painted all the walls white and chose a dark matte gray for the cabinets, which complement the black appliances, window edges, and light switches.

"Try looking up toy hauler remodels on Pinterest or the Internet, and you won't find much to go on for visual inspiration," Autumn says. "People do plenty of fifth-wheel and bumper-pull trailer renovations, but not too many people have delved into remodeling toy haulers, so it was daunting going into it, and at times it felt like we were in an unchartered territory."

Autumn decorated the toy hauler with Persian rugs, which she bought on eBay for $99 each. She also incorporated poufs and woven flat baskets that she "borrowed" from her mother.

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For the renovation, the couple decided to keep things simple. They removed three of the four existing bunk beds in the garage, repainted the interior, installed new floors, and turned the area into their own bedroom. Now, the space is an area where the couple can relax and recharge after a long day. They also added new floors to the kitchen. To make the living room feel more spacious, they removed a wall-to-wall couch and replaced it with a small loveseat.

For the bathroom upgrade, they incorporated the leftover butcher-block from the kitchen, and a hammered copper sink that they also found on eBay.

The kitchen now houses a dark, granite composite sink with a black faucet.

Autumn and Rusty gutted the area that was previously the main bedroom in the camper and converted it into a room for their first child. "We tried to keep it open so he had all the space he needed to romp around in and play with toys," she states. The children’s room now has a sliding closet and dresser, a short mattress, and a tiny entertainment zone.  

The family has now been living in their toy hauler for just over two years now, and they love the fact that their little trailer home has given them the opportunity to travel. 

They also adore how much they have been able to grow together as a family on the road, and that their children are exposed to a life that includes nature and adventure.


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