A 1910 Apartment Transforms Into an Open, Radiant Loft

This minimalist Montreal pad relies on exposed brick and glass partitions to create continuity between spaces.
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Conceptualized by Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau, the elegant, 1,035-square-foot Espace Panet is located on the third floor of a 1910 triplex building in Montreal, Canada. In an awe-inspiring renovation, the compact apartment was transformed into an open, light-filled living space. The challenge of the remodel was to provide division between each function while maximizing space, respecting the original structure, and allowing light to pass between rooms.

Glass walls allow light to filter through the home. Continuous wood flooring blends from room to room, creating a coherent space.

Raw materials that were discovered during the demolition determined the overall textural scheme. Visual separations intentionally overlap between adjacent rooms. Furniture extends from one space to another, while the transparency of glass walls further soften spatial separations. Exterior walls, which were stripped down to the brick, stretch across from room to room. A palette of light wood floors, white furnishings, and gray walls is accented by cool blue hues. 

A formal dining space lies adjacent to the kitchen island. A simple, white pendant light hangs above the black and white dining furniture.

An interior, custom-made steel staircase with floating treads and a minimal handrail leads to the roof deck above.

The full-height, gray cabinets extend into the office space, blurring the boundary between workspace and kitchen. Seamless glazing further increases the transparency between spaces.

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A lounge space, decorated with dark and light blue hues, sits directly atop the entry stairs. A white painted brick wall provides an ideal backdrop which extends between spaces.

The kitchen area is defined by shades of gray: gray cabinets and quartz countertops align with the gray painted brick wall. By contrast, a white island provides sink space, as well as seating for two. 

The exterior wall of the kitchen reveals the original brickwork. Gray, full-height, seamless cabinets match the hue of the gray brick. Two light blue counter stools add a pop of color.

The original load bearing wall was replaced with a wood beam and vertical supports, creating a more open floor plan.

A thin hallway leads from the main living space to the bathroom and bedroom. A full-height window frames the corridor space. 

An opaque glass wall, which extends the length of the tub, allows filtered light into the bath. All white elements allow the light to reflect on the surfaces, creating a luminous interior.

White laminated glass creates the shower surround. A blue pipe adds a singular color element to the bath space.

In the bedroom, full-height glazing allows natural light to fall deep into the apartment. Elegant, white curtains provide privacy as needed, matching the surrounding wall colors.

Full-height windows along the exterior fill the space with natural daylight. Transparent glazing allows light to fall deep into the living area as it reflects off the lightly colored surfaces. The living space is an elegant diagram of functional separation combined with spatial continuity, pulled together through beautiful details and thoughtful lighting. 

Floor plan of Espace Panet

The wood deck roof terrace, complete with ample lounge seating, provides astounding views of the city beyond.

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Anne Sophie Goneau

Photographer: Adrien Williams 


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