8 Examples That Show How Loft Living Goes Beyond Just NYC

When you think of loft living, your mind may flash to the interesting lofted dwellings of New York City's Tribeca or Soho—but this unique type of space isn't just limited to NYC residents.

Loft living is now popular across the country in both urban and suburban settings. Some of them are located in historic properties or in industrial structures that have been converted into modern lofts. Whether they're born from one of these transformations or are part of a new construction, they all have one thing in common—they embrace a wide-open plan that creates a "lofty" way of living while taking advantage of every little square foot of space.

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A Loft With Creative Storage

Architect: Merge Architects, Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Loft living presents the need for thoughtful storage solutions. When Merge Architects was hired to upgrade this loft, it was a pretty standard project—renovate the existing lackluster bathroom, add a second bathroom, and build a bookshelf—until Elizabeth Whittaker, firm principal and adjunct assistant professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, saw it as an opportunity to do a little material research on how to create a three-dimensional wall.

Off Centre Lofts

Architect: RODE Architects, Location: Boston, Massachusetts

RODE Architects transformed the former Norbert school in Jamaica Plain into 21 loft apartment units, restoring the historic exterior of the building while creating a contemporary response to the interior. 

Ilona Lofts

Architect: Chad Oppenheim, Interior Design: Boudreaux Design Studio, Location: Miami Beach, Florida

A complete remodel of a South Beach loft transformed this space into a peaceful modern retreat with organic accents.

Live/Work Loft

Architect: CHA:COL, Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Drawing inspiration from game design and the whimsical geometries of M.C. Escher, architecture firm CHA:COL designed a multifunctional live/work studio for a creative couple that allows them to get their work done between trips.

Former Factory

Architect: Peter Benoit, Location: Emeryville, California

This 1,100-square-foot loft is located in the historic Bester Building, a former steam-engine factory in Emeryville, California. Architect Peter Benoit updated it with a customized storage unit in the middle of the space.

Belmont Street Lofts

Architect: Holst Architecture, Location: Portland, Oregon

Completed in 2004, this 27-unit project is credited with ushering in a new wave of boutique multifamily housing projects into Portland’s historic neighborhoods.

Santiago Street Lofts

Architect: William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc., Location: Orange County, California

As Orange County’s first transit-oriented urban development, the Santiago Street Lofts were built in 2007 for creatives who want their life and work to fully coincide. Each 1,885-square-foot loft consists of one bedroom and two-and-a-half bathrooms—which are carefully puzzled together over three floors with a close attention to space. 

Flour Mill Lofts

Architect: Robb Studio, Interior Design: Studio Gild, Location: Denver, Colorado

This historic building in Denver, which was once a flour mill, was converted to modern lofts in the late-1990s. It features 14-foot ceilings, exposed concrete, and a fireplace that's set within the building's original chimney stack.

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