7 Stunning Scandinavian Hotels

What first comes to mind when you think of the Scandinavian lifestyle? If it includes simplicity, comfort, and a connection to nature, then you're on the right path. When it comes to the home, these elements are especially true—and luckily, you can experience this lifestyle at a number of beautiful modern hotels in the area.

If you're looking for a cozy, restful vacation over the next few months, consider these hotels in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark that celebrate the peaceful notions that Scandinavians live by.

Fabriken Furillen in Gotland, Sweden

Located in the northeastern corner of Gotland island in the remote Furillen peninsula, the industrial-chic Fabriken Furillen is set amidst the haunting limestone formations of an old quarry. Designed by Gothenburg photographer Johan Hellström, this eco-friendly hotel has soft, inviting interiors in different shades of gray and white.

This Arts and Crafts-style house built in 1910 by Swedish architect Fredrik Dahlberg was converted into a 12-bedroom homestay-like boutique hotel with an eclectic interior designed by Ilse Crawford (in collaboration with the hotel’s owner Jeanette Mix).

Architecture and design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune transformed this late-Baroque villa into an 18-bedroom boutique hotel with painted wooden rafters, iconic midcentury furniture, and a generous dose of Nordic cool.

A celebration of nature in Norway, this rural hotel marries modern architecture with stunning natural landscapes. All of the hotel’s seven rooms, which are built into the landscape, are unique and offer views of the valley, river, courtyard, or a dramatic gorge. 

As an all-tree-house-hotel destination that’s on the bucket list of many nature-loving design enthusiasts, Treehotel allows you to live up in the canopies in uniquely designed rooms that are raised above ground. Designed by the Oslo-based firm Snøhetta, the hotel’s newest addition called the 7th room is a cabin-like structure with floor-to-ceiling windows, birch plywood walls, and simple furniture designed by Scandinavian masters.

Set within a 1970s Brutalist high-rise building in Stockholm’s Brunkebergstorg Square, this sophisticated, contemporary city hotel is home to a large art collection. The hotel’s Masterpiece Suite, which sits on the top floor, has a large rooftop terrace that offers great views of downtown Stockholm.

With slate-colored walls, plenty of leather and wood in the communal areas, industrial-style decor, and bedrooms with unusual reading-friendly headboards, Hotel SP34 lets you enjoy Copenhagen in style.


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