7 East Coast Kit Home Companies

The all-American concept of the Kit Home had its heyday in the first half of the 20th century and used to be restricted to the world of log cabins and kit houses sold through Sears mail-order catalogs. But now, there are a number of new players on the market that are bringing the concept to the modern world.

Unlike modular or prefab homes that are built in sections at a factory, kit homes are designed so that every piece of lumber is prepared to fit a particular place in the home. This eliminates the need for measuring and cutting, saving both time and materials. Although, prefabs and kit homes tend to be a little bit more prevalent on the West Coast, the East Coast also offers some kit home options that are tailored to the local market. Take a look below for seven resources to consider if you're thinking of exploring this option.

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Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Dwell Contributor
Jennifer Baum Lagdameo is a freelance design writer who has lived in Washington DC, Brooklyn, Tokyo, Manila, and is currently exploring the Pacific Northwest from her home base in Portland, Oregon.


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