7 People to Watch on Dwell

7 People to Watch on Dwell

By Matthew Keeshin and Dwell
New to the platform? Start following these users and get a head start on your daily dose of design.

Together as the firm Harrison Green, Damien and Jacqueline Harrison are carving out green spaces throughout the concrete jungle that is New York City. From private residences to the rooftop terrace at MoMA, the firm is a constant source of inspiration for those with a green thumb. 

Since starting her studio  in 2007, Kyra Clarkson has been injecting a modern sensibility throughout Toronto. When perusing her collections, take note of the way the architect integrates natural light and landscaping that makes each project charming in its own signature way. 

Online magazine Design Milk already has quite a rapport on the platform with a handful of colorful collections and stories. From a former weapons factory to an eclectic apartment in Brooklyn, there's a lot to say about these homes with tons of personality.  

Ever wonder what architects find inspiring? Enter Bay Area architect Chris Deam, principal of Deam + Dine. Deam's selections are a wide array of mobile homes, modern classics, vintage technology, and everything in-between. 

The Manhattan-based practice features collections full of textures. See directly from Atelier Armbruster their projects highlighting materials like marble, tile, and wood flooring. In addition to the apartments and lofts, they also designed a juice bar with the same attention to detail. 

Jill Southern is a Vancouver-based designer with a writer’s eye. Chronicling the offices of the lighting company Bocci and creative agency Burnkit, her stories are as fun as her collections of prefab homes, green spaces, and even dogs enjoying modern furniture. 

With studios in Hawaii and San Francisco, Craig Steely Architecture is one to watch when it comes to integrating scenic locations and homes with a modern aesthetic. If you plan on building a home with views like these, this profile is a good place to begin adding photos to your own "Dream Home" collection.    


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