10 Tiny Trailers to Take on an Adventure

Though the craze for vans and airstreams has officially spread like a wildfire, it's nothing new for Dwell—as we've always been fans of small, mobile, and functional shelters.
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We've gathered a few tiny trailer home ideas that may have you dreaming of your next moveable digs—whether you're searching for adventure or are testing out a new simple way of living.

"Woody": A Tiny DIY Trailer

Brian and Joni Buzarde’s self-designed home sits on a customized chassis by PJ Trailers that’s just eight-and-a-half feet wide. The 236-square-foot trailer is clad in cedar.

Unpacking the deck and awning reveals a glass wall that opens the trailer to its environment, wherever that may be. ATLAS can be hitched to a truck to travel easily from campsite to campsite.

The Leaf House is a lightweight, mobile trailer that was carefully engineered to weigh less than 5,000 pounds. The designer, Laird Herbert, used a metal-mesh, open-joint rain screen as the cladding on the front end, and spruce pine on the back.

The HC1 camper is equipped with marine-quality parts and accessories that have been personally tested by the Happier Camper team.

Part tent, part RV, the NASA-inspired Cricket Trailer is the go-to camper for the modern road tripper.

 Since 2011, +FARM—currently an educational institute and soon-to-be non-profit—has built a number of small shelters and installations across upstate New York. Their most recent project is an economical mobile dwelling with off-the-grid capabilities.

With a last-minute deadline, architect Burton Baldridge transformed a decaying trailer into a modern green home for Stubb's, an Austin, Texas, club. Baldridge teamed up with Branson Fustes of Pilgrim Building Company to work on the interiors and build custom furniture, such as a bar on one end.

This tiny mobile house by Timbercraft Tiny Homes is only 150 square feet.

The jaunty boat-like shell of the Hütte Hut began with a case study undertaken by Brian and Katrina Manzo, a husband-and-wife team of industrial designers behind Sprouting Sprocket Studio.

Jay Shafer’s Four Lights Tiny House Company sells floor plans for houses that start at 98 square feet. The Gifford is a Craftsman-inspired, 112-square-foot structure that can be wheeled from site to site. Shafer has designed a residential community of micro-dwellings in Sonoma County, California.


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