• Lisa Miller
    Manufacturer of resin furniture, planters, and shelving.
  • BDI
    BDI is a premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance furniture and an industry leader in home theater, office, and modular shelving systems. Guided by the philosophy that everything has its place, BDI's furniture combines great design with innovative functionality to seamlessly integrate technology into the home and office environments. BDI products are available through leading furniture and electronic retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and elsewhere.
  • Esaila
    ESAILA is a design company located in Taiwan focused on contemporary design products ranging from shelving, table and seating, lighting, furnishing to home accessories. The name of the company comes from the Taiwanese word which means “can do”.
  • One Nordic Furniture Company
    One Nordic Furniture Company was formed in 2012 by CEO Joel Roos. It manufactures furniture and lighting inspired by the Nordic mastery of simplicity, quality, functional excellence, practicality, and original aesthetics.Form Us With Love provides creative direction for the firm. One Nordic makes a varied line of pendant lights, tables, chairs, shelving, and decorative items.
  • Magis
    Magis SpA is a made-in-Italy design company founded by Eugenio Perazza in 1976 in Motta di Livenza (TV). It embraces the creativity of leading global designers (Richard Sapper, Jasper Morrison, Stefano Giovannoni, Marc Newson, Konstantin Grcic, Ron Arad, the Bouroullecs, Robin Day, Pierre Paulin, Jerszy Seymour, Naoto Fukasawa, Thomas Heatherwick and many others) and channels it towards objects perched on the cutting edge. The Magis catalogue includes a wide variety of furniture and home decor items, including chairs, stools, tables, shelving systems, accessories, and more.
  • Alejandro Sticotti
    The work of Argentinean architect Alejandro Sticotti has a modernist foundation: He takes the constructive and rational influences of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian modern, adds American Shaker and 1950s design elements, and merges them with the materials and sensibility of his native culture. His Shelving Units (2008) are made from warm, unique South American hardwoods; the vertical and horizontal mounts are crafted of solid lapacho, and the shelves are made with cerejeira veneer. Relying on the steadying forces of gravity, Unit B hangs off the master horizontal bar at the top, creating sturdy shelving, which can be placed high or low on the wall, depending on needs. The notched side of each shelf simply slides into the vertical beams, holding it snugly in place. Sticotti Shelving is well-resolved in its versatility: Combine multiple units to create additional storage, move shelves to different levels as needs change or add the desk shelf to create a compact workspace solution.
  • ISS Designs
    ISS Designs offers modern shelving and storage for your home, office, or retail space. Choose the modular PAL, WAL, DIV, or CLT series for bookshelves, home office storage, room dividers, and modern closets. Options include aluminum shelves in white, satin anodized, or black and your choice of wood finishes. They offer you the option to design online on the ISS Designs website using your computer or tablet. Take a photo of your wall and see how your shelving will look before you buy. Choose the ISS Designs series for a system that meets your needs today and know that it can be easily moved or reconfigured in the future. Need a custom solution? Book a Connect & Create™ meeting for a custom shelving system using a 3D model of your space. You will meet with their designer remotely from your home or office while they create the perfect shelving system right before your eyes. Modern design, infinite possibilities.
  • Smart Furniture
    Smart Furniture's goal is to make sure that our wonderful customers get exactly what they want when they shop with us. With a 365-Day Return Policy, Free Shipping on most products, and No Sales Tax, Smart Furniture is wants to wow you every time you visit us. From office furniture to all manner of shelving to classics from the most iconic designers of the last century, whatever you buy at Smart Furniture comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Mobles114
    Mobles 114 Barcelona was fuonded in 1973 by JM Massana and JM Tremoleda. The firm's designs emphasize originality and quality while adhering to sustainable manufacturing principles. M114 makes a wide variety of furniture pieces, including tables, seating, shelving, umbrella stands, and coat racks and hooks.
  • Nick Ross
    It’s no wonder that designer Nick Ross—of the Stockholm studio that bears his name—often references historical events. For inspiration, he says, “You can’t beat a good BBC documentary. If the title starts with ‘Mysteries Of…’ then you already have my attention.” His Cararra marble White Lies series transmits a postmodern interpretation of Greek and Roman sculpture, while an ancient trade route is the jumping-off point for his Baltic Gold shelving. Though his immediate plans are hazy—expect new work, potentially lighting, in stone and metal—Ross would someday like to collaborate with a team of archaeologists: “I have no idea how it would work, but it could be a lot of fun, kind of a speculative history project.”
  • Colton Schniepp
    Innovative engineer recently moved to Metro-Detroit. I take interest in modern & contemporary architecture with subtle gothic aesthetics. I'm utmost enthralled by the creative eccentricities in industrial loft-style apartments & also the optimization of space and resourceful lighting (both natural light through preserved openness & thoughtful alternative light sources) ornamenting a modernized studio-style apartment. Also, I'm truly captivated by patterned wood configurations of stacked or layered wall elements, one-of-a-kind free-standing shelving & carefully placed room dividers, and leveled decks & staircases. Lastly, my ultimate fascination harmonizes with essentially all modern architectural types of housing: floor-to-ceiling windows & more favorably, full wall-spanning glass exteriors throughout the residence to bring the open outside world into your cosy abode.
  • Pallucco
    Established in Rome in the 70s, Pallucco has always been one of a kind, disassociating itself from the prevailing attitude of experimenting with new solutions both in the furniture and the lighting sector. With an innate instinct for stylishness, it has always sought particular shapes and furnishing accessories with a high aesthetic and design content to the extent that it is today one of the few true Design Companies on an international scale. The current production is a mix of contemporary, historical and timeless objects, such as the eternal icon of elegance epitomised by the lamp designed by Mariano Fortuny in 1907 and given a new touch by Studio Out in the versions celebrating its one hundred years. The furnishing accessories (shelving units, storage units, lamps) stand out for their originality, nonconformist style and the ability to kindle emotions through design, which becomes the leading light of the surrounding space. The international and eclectic spirit of Pallucco is today distinguished by teamwork with the designers Hannes Wettstein, Asnago and Vender, Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez, Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Susanne Philippson, Sergio Calatroni, Christian Deuber, Andrea Marcante, Bresciani and Bonifaccio.
  • Poul Cadovius
    Poul Cadovius was born in Frederiksberg in 1911 and was originally trained as a saddler and upholsterer. He was a colourful and successful designer with a marked influence on the Danish furniture industry and furniture design - both in his own time and later. In 1948, Poul Cadovius designed the Royal System Shelving System, which through the 50s, 60s and 70s perhaps was the largest furniture success the Danish furniture industry had ever had. Poul Cadovius died in 2011 at the age of 99, during his life he managed to register over 400 individual patents.
  • Casey Lurie
    A Southern California native, Casey Lurie honed his aesthetic in art programs at Cal Arts and Northwestern University, but it wasn’t until he met Teruo Kurosaki, founder of the influential Japanese furniture brand Idée, that his true purpose took root. Jumping at the chance to live and work in Tokyo, Lurie left behind his workshop in downtown Los Angeles—where he had started developing his first design, a line of plywood furniture—and spent three years soaking up the culture in Japan. His Lap table and Primo shelving system are directly influenced by his time there: simple wood and metal components interlock without tools or hardware for a streamlined version of a household staple. Now based in Chicago, Lurie plans to turn his focus to an expanded line of pieces with interlocking parts.
  • Paige Russell
    Made in Canada, Paige grew up surrounded by nature’s wonders and a creative family that provided inspiration, encouragement, and plenty of cardboard boxes. With these, she established an early love of design and completed her first works: a series of pint-sized cat apartments (with working elevators) and a collection of built-in snow fort shelving. Now, with a B.F.A. in product design from Parsons School of Design in NYC, Paige is an established artist in the world of modern design. Her work was featured in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s 2003 triennial show 'Inside Design Now' and selected by Blueprint, ReadyMade and Real Living magazines for editorial features on contemporary design. She also has been named one of the “Top 20 young designers to watch out for” by Wallpaper magazine.
  • The Industrial Farmhouse
    We design and create our industrial furniture right from our workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee and ship pieces directly from our back door to your location, so you know you are getting high-quality wood furniture crafted with pride in America. The Industrial Farmhouse’s designs combine upcycled wood and metal in ways that are at once rustic and refined. Each piece balances masculine structural elements with feminine shapes, contrasting metal and wood, old and new for a one-of-a-kind style. Enjoy the beauty and pride of heirloom, American-made reclaimed wood furniture custom built to your specifications. From countertops to tables to shelving, The Industrial Farmhouse can create a special hand-hewn look and feel that transforms any space.