• PLANT Architect Inc.
    PLANT Architect Inc. is an award-winning practice that branches into architecture, landscape, and design. On projects ranging from modest residential renovations to urban renewal on a civic scale, our studio's architects and landscape architects collaborate across disciplinary borders to reveal a site's potential and explore its context. Both meanings of "PLANT" inspired our name: we are makers who value process, craft, and construction, and we have a deep-rooted connection to a sense of place, landscape, and natural materials.
  • Plant & Moss
    Plant & Moss was conceived in 2009 by James Plant and James Moss as a British design brand that creates contemporary design with character and charm. Handcrafted in Great Britain, their products are made using a mixture of time honored skills and modern techniques. The work of Plant & Moss keeps an artistic dimension that introduces fun, practical, unusual solutions for the home and office. Attention to design detail, and the use of high quality materials ensures a timeless piece. Founders James Plant and James Moss both graduated in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design, from the home of furniture, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University in High Wycombe.
  • Nick Apostol
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  • Masaya & Co
    At Masaya & Co we're dedicated to design and sustainability. We integrate contemporary designs with traditional artisan production methods. We hand craft our furniture from dense tropical hardwoods that we grow and manage ourselves. Since 2007 we have planted over 850,000 hardwood trees in Nicaragua, and that number grows annually. We plant trees on deforested land, reforesting land previously destroyed by cattle farming. Our farms and processing facility employ over 200 local workers. Our integrated model is an alternative to the current global production systems where raw materials, labor and design are fragmented across the globe to lower costs. This integrated, renewable model includes the germination and planting of seedlings each rainy season and the year round production of quality hardwood furniture, hand crafted by local artisans and skilled workers.
  • Hilary Noonan
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  • Jeff Wright
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