• building Lab
    building Lab is an award-winning design-build firm specializing in thoughtful and highly refined residential remodeling. We are passionate about modern architecture, dedicated to precision quality construction and committed to green building practices. Discovering innovative solutions for the specifics of program and context is the challenge we gladly embrace. Along with a collaborative spirit, these converge in a unique ability to offer intelligent, practical and sustainable solutions in support of our clients' goals. As proud homeowners, our clients come to us with visions of perfecting their house as a home for their family. This may mean fast-forwarding a tired mid-century gem into a stylish 21st century edition. It may mean upgrading an older home with more current function + feel. Facilitating the process of bringing such dreams to reality is our passion at building Lab. To find out more, please visit us at www.buildinglab.com and don't hesitate to contact us at 510-420-1133 and info@buildinglab.com
  • Labics
    Maria Claudia Clemente (1967) founded the office Labics in 2002 with Francesco Isidori and Marco Sardella. She is PhD and a Researcher at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome, ITACA Department, "La Sapienza" University.
  • Method Homes
    Method Homes manufactures and sells architect-designed and custom prefab homes. With an acute attention to detail and an eye for sophisticated and sustainable design, Method has demonstrated that it is an intelligent choice for constructing a new home. Available nationwide and with its own production facility, Method Homes currently offers the Cabin series and SML series of single module spaces designed by Balance Associates Architects. Method also has the unique ability to construct other architect’s, developer’s, and prefab company’s custom designs to suit your individual needs.
  • Mad Lab
    We are a Madrid-based design company committed to innovation and good design, both in terms of objects and a lifestyle. We create unique and timeless and sustainable designer objects which a transmit a different viewpoint of the world around us. We apply our philosophy of sustainability to all areas of our business; products are durable, of proven quality, made with certified materials and highly recyclable. The objects are crafted with utmost care by artisans and industrialists. Every object tells a story, stories of entrepreneurship, design, craft and technology. More importantly they tell stories about those who made them their own, knew how to look after them and dreamed of them being given as presents to loved ones or passed on as a cherished legacy to their heirs.
  • Grado Labs
    Family run since 1953, Grado Labs hand builds headphones in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Allaround Lab
    Architecture and interior design studio based in Barcelona
  • Haptic Lab
    Haptic Lab is a design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. They make handcrafted quilts, kites, and furniture using traditional methods. Their goal is to produce goods that are simple and sustainable and which express values of play and timelessness.
  • GoKart Labs
    We grow businesses.
  • Vismaad Labs
    Looking for awesome <a href="http://www.vismaadlabs.com/website-design-and-development.php">Web Development Company in Ludhiana</a> assuring quality and timely delivery? From basic websites to advanced websites such as eCommerce websites, Vismaad Labs web development team can do it all. Our web development team is fully capable to speed up your process of enhancing your internet presence and get a huge market presence.
  • Chroma Lab
    Chroma Lab is Alicia Cornwell and Tony Bevilacqua, two people who love producing and living with colorful, modern furniture and home accessories in Boston. Tony is a very tall native Bostonian who worked as a fine artist and decorative painter for seven years after receiving his painting degree. Alicia is a medium-sized Texan art historian who moved to Boston to experience winter and tour old houses. In 2008 we began transforming neglected but promising pieces of furniture by repairing and repainting them for ourselves and for our friends. It was a lot of fun, and it turns out other people like vibrant and repurposed furniture and accessories, too. We started Chroma Lab for anyone whose home needs a shot (or a lot) of pick-me-up color in the form of high quality furniture and unique, hand crafted clocks, lamps, and home accessories. Please check Chroma Lab’s site and portfolio often, since we are always working on something new. We can't do it all by ourselves, so Chroma Lab has a small staff: our style consultant is Maddie, a tortoiseshell kitty with discriminating taste; our quality control agent is fastidious tortoiseshell kitty Sophie; our studio assistant is whippet collie pup Cassie.
  • Lab 31
    Armed with an engineering degree from Stanford University, a Master of Fine Arts from the California College of the Arts, and a love for designing and building furniture, Maggie Birmingham founded lab31 in the summer of 2004. Lab31 is located in Oakland, CA, where the cloudless vlue sky, the ripening oranges, lemons, and pears out the office window, and rich red of the mole at our favorite nearby oaxacan restaurant, create a vibrant backdrop for our designs. Our designs are inspired by color, pattern, tradition, and craft. All the pieces are equally suitable in a room full of antiques as they are in a contemporary loft. But no mater where their home is, lab31 furniture makes a statement, and with the variety of color combinations and styles available, reflects the personality of its owner.