• Vera Specialty Concrete
    www.verafloor.com Verafloor provides premium level concrete applications to the design, contract and discerning home and business owner. Operating throughout the United States. Please contact us to discuss your project or design... we specialize in decorative concrete floors, water features, exterior facades, vertical wall applications and terrazzo.
  • Concrete
    Amsterdam-based firm Concrete hosts different disciplines such as product and interior design, architecture, and visual marketing. The firm's whimsical hospitality and retail projects include tthe W Hotel London, CitizenM hotels, and Supperclub restaurants around the world.
  • Slick Rock Concrete
    Modern. Innovative. Awesome. Our custom concrete planters, basins, fire bowls, water features and bollards are handcast by local artisans for both commercial and residential landscape design. Featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the DIY Network, our concrete products are beloved by landscape architects nationwide. Choose from our popular series or collaborate with our brilliant team for something new and exciting. We love a challenge.
  • Living Concrete
    By using the best of modern technology, we create unique concrete products and furniture, that demonstrate how concrete can be both beautiful and functional.
  • Trueform Concrete
    Trueform Concrete creates refined and contemporary concrete products that bring a unique sense of design into any home with a wide array of tables, sinks, countertops, and more.
  • MAS Concrete
    Mas concrete services are experienced and all the workers are insured and certified with the highest grade of materials used in the completion of the work. Hire them to do the piece of concrete work at your place. For more information please visit: http://www.masconcrete.com.au/
  • Fiberspan Concrete Elements
    Fiberspan Concrete Elements- The Best Choice for Exterior Accents for your Southwest Style Home When it comes to designing your home there are areas that you may need to cut corners to stay within your budget, but your roof drains should not be one of them! Choosing a less expensive canale/scupper may save you a few hundred dollars initially, but you will be paying the price later. Not only will they eventually need to be replaced, but once they deteriorate, you may also have to deal with repairs to your roof and walls due to water damage around the parapet- this can get costly! With our Fiberspan Concrete Canales, we designed a durable canale/scupper that wraps around the parapet, which prevents leaks and protects your home. Our Fiberspan Canales are built to last, they will not need to be replaced and requires little to no maintenance. The same goes for our Fiberspan Vigas and Faux Headers, you can enjoy the beauty of authentic looking wood accents without the worry or expense of the damage created by decaying wood. Fiberspan Concrete Element products are the sustainable choice for homes that are built to last! Visit our website at fcelements.com.