MADE is an innovative design firm distinguished by our belief in integrating the designer and builder at every stage of the construction process. By combining a design studio, a fabrication workshop, and a contracting team under one roof, we offer a range of services unmatched by conventional design practices. More importantly, with the talents of informed designers and the skills of inspired builders, MADE creates spaces that are intelligently designed and ultimately refreshing in sensibility and aesthetic.
  • National Forest Design L.L.C.
    National Forest is a full-service creative think-tank with an expertise in execution. We create visual languages that can last a season or a lifetime. Our art directors, designers, photographers, and receptionists apply their respective artistic backgrounds, love of culture, and a collaborative approach to every endeavor. Although we firmly believe "the concept" is the foundation of any impactful campaign, we are dedicated to developing and reinventing new aesthetics and approaches to keep our work graphically forward.
  • Rebecca L. Weber
    Rebecca L. Weber is a journalist who covers social justice, the arts, and health. She has written for publications such as the Christian Science Monitor, O the Oprah Magazine, the Washington Post, and many others. Born and raised in Boston, she is now based in South Africa.
  • William L. Hamilton
    "They say reporting can really open your eyes to an issue. But this was a totally different attunement—literally putting your ear to the ground," says William L. Hamilton, about penning "The World of Sound" (November 2012). Hamilton, a New York City-based reporter and writer, has worked for the New York Times as their senior design reporter, and now writes for the Wall Street Journal, The Architect's Newspaper, and other publications. He is the author of Alone Together (Boxed Books, Inc., 2007), with David Graham.