Knoll Platner Lounge Chair

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As America entered into the 1960s, modernism started becoming more expressive, and designers began to celebrate more decorative, graceful shapes. After a stint of working for Eero Saarinen and Associates, designer Warren Platner became known for producing the second generation of pedestal and wire furniture. In 1966, the Platner Lounge Chair was born, which came from an effort to bring these more gentle designs to the home—similar to the period style of Louis XV, but with "a more rational base." Knoll reports Platner’s reasoning: "I thought, why separate support from the object. Just make it all one thing." To create this enveloping structure, he worked with Knoll to produce a base that’s made by welding vertical steel rods into circular and semicircular frames. The shell is constructed of molded fiberglass and holds molded latex foam cushions. Available in a range of upholstery options, the collection also includes the Arm Chair, Easy Chair, and Coffee Table—all of which can be purchased in a gold finish.

Photo courtesy of Knoll