Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub


What it is: 

A voice-controlled, smart display device featuring the brains of the Google Assistant, so you can access critical information about your day and watch beauty tutorials from Sephora. 

What it does: 

See your life in one view, and get things done hands-free. Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home. Command your day with Voice Match, and get your calendar, commute, reminders, and more. Simplify your smart home with voice-control compatible lights, cameras, TV's and more from a single dashboard—Wi-Fi required. 

Ask questions, and get visual, immersive answers from Google, and helpful videos from YouTube. Plus, play your favorite songs on a crystal-clear speaker, and relive your memories with Google Photos. And with Live Albums, always view the latest photos of loved ones. Get help with the little moments, so you can enjoy the big ones. Google Home Hub works with Nest and 5,000+ smart devices from 400+ popular brands.

Photo Courtesy of Google