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The Art Deco–inspired stair rail, designed by Ed’s mother, was preserved, as was one of the Moorish-style arches. A painty by Minku Kim hangs in the entry.
Colorful masks adorn several walls throughout Finlayson's home.
As you enter from the ground floor, expectations from the horizontal outward appearance are transformed by the verticality of a dramatic 22-foot-tall torqued steel wall.
A cheerful bright green door welcomes guests into the thoughtfully restored 1949 home.
"The entrance is a stair that goes through the building, taking you to the entrance on the front side," says the firm. "The entrance sequence marks a transition and prepares you for the life on the island."
Alex Olson's Cast, which is oil and modeling clay on canvas, hangs above a vintage Swedish rug.
NeueHouse prides itself on being “the home of the new,” and Wyatt believes the historic Bradbury is the perfect location to move his company forward.
Wyatt and his team quickly fell in love with the Bradbury's iconic architecture.
The staircase’s design was kept minimal, with floating treads made of oiled oak.
The high ceilings in the original gymnasium enabled the architects to introduce a mezzanine floor into the volume to foster privacy for the bedrooms. The finished home is 2,475 square feet.
The living space of the original home is connected to the extension via a glass-walled bridge and an open-tread stair suspended through the roof of the existing structure.
An open-plan staircase leads to a hushed sleeping area above.
The richly textured wooden staircase lined with glazed banisters contrasts beautifully with the interior ivory walls and concrete floors.
Natural light illuminates living area.
Operable slats in front of the lounge can be opened or closed for privacy.
A new staircase connects the upstairs to what was formerly more of a recreational basement/ lower floor.  The stair is positioned to best allow our clients to walk from the kitchen/dining area downstairs, where new sliding glass doors lead to the pool area.
The staircase appears to cascade down to the lower floor and be suspended from narrow white steel rods. The treads are solid white oak, stained to match the floor, and are thick enough to allow there to be no risers. A 14′ long skylight over the stair allows light to now come down into the lower floor.
Open-tread, two-inch, hickory butcher block stairs allow natural light to penetrate deep inside the home.
A small study overlooks one of the several voids punctuating the home.
Brass accents at the stairway and in a custom display unit.
Entry facing North
Entry facing West towards Lake Michigan
Entry looking North
Floating wood treads mimic the suspended exterior volume.
"There is a contrast of these scrappy and rough elements with the more refined materials that allows the house to not take itself so seriously, and makes the vibe much more relaxed and comfortable," said Knight.
Much of the metal fabrication work was done by Deters, including the stairs, which combines raw steel with solid black walnut tread.
The entryway.
As the name suggests, the Courtyard House by Atelier SUN is built around a central courtyard. Light wood stairs sprawl out from the center to access all floor levels. The skylight here provides a feeling of airiness and a connection to the outdoors.
Nothing but WOW ❤️❤️❤️
Steps lead down from the kitchen to the living room and dining area. Open shelving keeps the spaces connected but distinct.
A steel bridge connects the upper level master suite (to the left) with the existing bedrooms to the right.
Above the living space, stairs lead to an open attic that provides enough space for eight people to sleep.
Homeowners Keith Conway and Chris Klein converted a former hayloft into a sleek, modern space that pays homage to its roots.
Rather than rip out the staircase, they applied a soft and earthy paint palette that syncs with the tones in the existing floors and helps everything to blend.
Entry Stair Volume
Entry Stair
Entry Stair Detail
A hearth by de Vogelsangh warms the live/work prefab.
Thick slabs of walnut serve as treading on the staircase.
A stairwell leads up to the reconfigured living spaces and principal bedroom on the upper floor.
The winding stairwell runs from the ground-floor offices all the way to the top of the house, creating an airshaft for natural ventilation and passive cooling.
A floating staircase connects the different levels.
A floating staircase leads up from the common area to the bedrooms.
"By taking in the slope into the building and creating a sloped 'doma' area, it was possible to bring the outside into the building," say the architects.
Light filters in from all sides and falls through the home's "canopy" of trees.
White walls and ceilings allow daylight to bounce and filter through the interior spaces.
Clever cubby storage is incorporated into the base of the interior stairs, while the extra-deep stair treads provide flexible "stadium-style" seating for the kids.
“It was a challenge during the restoration process to communicate the overall aesthetic we wanted to achieve with the build team,” Gledstone says. “It was a non-standard finish and often a process of trial and error. So, during the construction process it was harder to see when surfaces were at their desired level of finish—we had a strong presence on-site and would stick signs to walls saying ‘This is finished!‘”
Inside, a suspended staircase rises up past the couple’s bookcase over a well-lit seating nook.  Aalto stools by Artek join Eames molded plywood dining chairs by Herman Miller to give an especially modern touch to the kitchen.
A staircase leads up from the common areas to the bedrooms.
The home’s materials evoke the Australian landscape. Basaltina countertops echo Melbourne's blue stone, while bespoke joinery elements—including windows and stairs—are made with Australian hardwoods. The blackened timber that envelops the building and frames the kitchen evokes the black trunks of the Xanthorrhoea trees that now grow in the new courtyard.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.