In Our Backyard: Inside One of Dwell’s New Prefab Houses

In Our Backyard: Inside One of Dwell’s New Prefab Houses

The Changing Climate: How Homes Are Preparing For the Future
From the Ashes: Families That Lost Everything Rebuild


Editor’s Letter: In Our Backyard
Editor’s Letter: In Our Backyard
Climate change is coming for all our homes. But there are ways we can build for the future.
By William Hanley - a year ago
How to Lessen Your Home’s Ecological Impact
These little changes can make a big difference.
A Prefab Tiny Home Takes Root in a Northern California Vineyard
Built in six months and delivered in a day, the Dwell House provides an extended family with space to thrive.
How to Heat a Castle
In an 18th-century chateau in France, the couple behind a popular YouTube channel turns to technologies old and new to keep warm.
Smart Design Saved This Backyard House From a Devastating Flood
Robust materials and an elevated stance allow a family’s studio to weather brutal conditions in a disaster-prone region of Australia.
One of Argentina’s First Passive Houses Stands Tall Above Rising Tides
Set on eight-foot stilts, this highly insulated island home provides a Buenos Aires couple with an off-grid escape.
An Architect Couple Trade Size for Sustainability in Their Family’s Amsterdam Home
Building with wood was a requirement by the city, but it was their decision to build smaller—and smarter—for the sake of efficiency.
A New Generation of Earthship Owners Looks for Climate Solutions in the Past
Archetypes of 1970s utopian living, these self-determining homes in the desert have been embraced by a younger cohort eager to create a more sustainable future.
Deciding to Rebuild After a Fire Is Just the First Step
Four years after the devastating Woolsey fire, Malibu residents who lost everything are still waiting for approvals, and contending with complicated mortgage and insurance...
In Washington, D.C., a Back Alley Becomes a Sustainable Haven
Leftover urban space and timber by-products add up to the perfect solution for a small family.
An Artful Restoration Returns a Louisville Home to Its Midcentury Roots
John Brooks and Erik Eaker hit undo on an awkward aughts revamp with the help of local firm Rock Paper Hammer.
This 1960s Home’s Painstaking Renovation Is a Love Letter to Midcentury Design
“The house is like a gallery and an heirloom that brings the family together,” says architect Cristina Ioana Graff. “They appreciate it so much, and that makes it more special.”
Found Pottery Pieces Inspire a Washington Designer to Consider the Shelf Life of Our Existence
Chelsea Minola, founder of design studio Grain, keeps the remnants as a reminder of time spent with her family and the future she and her husband can help create for them.