Wardell Sagan Residence

San Francisco, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Structure
  • House (Single Residence)
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    This building, an old concrete warehouse originally built for a dried flower wholesaler, gave us great bones to start with. The concrete bearing walls, wood framed floor and roof, and steel industrial sash windows were quite beautiful elements that only had to be uncovered. The design opportunity here came about as a result of the client wanting a roof terrace, which required removing a portion of the roof structure in order to add the stair and patio. Since the roof was open we craned in two shipping containers that had been modified to be a guest room and an office space – two objects that float within the larger space of the second floor loft. The two containers were stacked (but not aligned), forming a sculptural volume that read almost as an element of the client’s art collection. A new steel and glass staircase provides access to the upper container as well as to the roof terrace above.
    Photos by: Drew Kelly

    Stacked containers with custom steel stairs provide access to upper container and roof deck

    Photo Courtesy of Lundberg Design

    Container cut-out planning

    Photo Courtesy of Lundberg Design
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    Lundberg Design
    Lundberg Design is a San Francisco-based twenty person architectural firm founded by Olle Lundberg in 1987 that does work for private and commercial clients throughout the United States. We specialize in high-end modern design, with no particular emphasis on any particular building type. While the core of our practice is architectural, we remain committed to providing design at many levels and are often involved in product, landscape, graphic, and sculpture design. Our signature style tends to be characterized by sculptural form, simply and elegantly executed, with a firm belief in the importance of the carefully thought out detail. We also have our own dedicated 4,000 sq. ft. metal fabrication facility for custom design work and experimentation. All of the design work is centered on the qualities of materials – how they can be plied, bent and cut to produce a visual and tactile result. We are a firm that loves the physical qualities of the objects we create. We are located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, in a 1933 mattress factory building. It is a perfect building for the kind of firm we are – raw concrete walls and exposed timber trusses, with high volumes and enough square footage to house our architectural practice, fabrication shop, and even a work-week apartment for Olle. The practice has always been very diverse – we have designed homes, restaurants, wineries, corporate headquarters, distilleries, hotels, apartment buildings, bars, lobbies, and even San Francisco’s bus shelters. We describe our style as “nature-inspired modernism,” and we strive for elegant, simple solutions in our work. We like materials with substance – wood, stone, steel; materials with heft and texture – really the opposite of veneer. For us the making of architecture is a collaborative act; between ourselves and especially with our clients – while we aim for poetry we also pride ourselves on making buildings that work very, very well.
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