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Lilac Drive

House (Single Residence)


Square Feet



From Marmol Radziner

The 3,500 square-foot Lilac Drive Residence is located on a lush lot in the foothills of Montecito, California. The two-story home is comprised of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with the second story devoted to the master suite.

The property is densely covered in oak trees with views focusing on the surrounding foliage. Designed to nestle into the landscape, the home is composed of a variety of natural materials including local Santa Barbara sandstone, reclaimed wood, and smooth-troweled, dark finished cement plaster. Oak trees are protected in Montecito, so the shape of the house was determined both by the trees and the pathway of a protected creek running through the property.

Intersecting roof planes and deep roof overhangs define the design of the residence. Green roofs accentuate the second story, floating above the entrance and flanking the master bedroom and its private deck in rear. Walls of windows and sliding glass doors line the rear of the home on both levels, looking out over the grounds, outdoor living area, and swimming pool.