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Fasano Boa Vista


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Fasano Boa Vista

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After successful ventures in Brazil’s big cities, followed by a boutique-luxe resort in Punta del Este, the time has come for the Fasano group to open a franchise in the countryside. Here, less than an hour inland from São Paulo, is the Fasano Boa Vista, surrounded by 2500 acres of farmland. And while the setting may be rustic, the hotel, in true Fasano style, is anything but.

It starts with the design, in the unmistakable modern-Brazilian idiom of Isay Weinfeld — there’s plenty of natural wood and stone, but the result is anything but rough-edged. The rooms and suites carry on in the same style, marrying highly polished contemporary interiors with warm organic materials, and plentiful sunlight streaming in through floor-to-ceiling windows. They’re subtly luxurious; though they lack the overt opulence of the typical five-star luxury suite, they’re every bit their functional equal.

This is a matter of knowing one’s audience. The twin eighteen-hole golf courses and the equestrian center should provide some clue, and the heliport ought to remove any doubt. The new club house expands on the pre- and post-golf amenities, and comes complete with a country-club dress code. Like its cousin in Punta del Este, the Fasano Boa Vista caters to a high-flying crowd. And the Italian influence is on display in the restaurant. So successfully have the Fasanos taken to hospitality, it’s easy to forget that their reputation was originally made in the kitchen — a fact that’s brought forcefully back to mind after a short spell at the table.

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