An Illegal Casino in Venezuela Is Now a Cultural Hub With a Really Wild Balcony
The steel-frame balcony, an experimental design by PICO Colectivo, is the latest addition to an expanding cultural center in...
Damien Hirst’s New Suite at the Palms Casino Resort Costs $100K a Night
The Empathy Suite, designed by English artist and master provocateur Damien Hirst, is part of Palms Casino Resort’s $690 million...
A Lake Tahoe Mansion Where Frank Sinatra Used to Hang Out Asks $25.75M
The Rat Pack partied here.
Whoopi Goldberg’s Longtime L.A. Home Seeks to Trade Hands for $9.6M
Originally built for famed author Vicki Baum in 1933, the grand Art Deco estate boasts quite a notable Hollywood pedigree.
A Desert Prefab Hits the Jackpot in Sin City
An art-filled retreat fits right into the landscape.
A Picturesque Desert Prefab
Jim Murren’s prefab house in Sin City, designed by Marmol Radziner, is as artful as it is art-filled, thanks to an asymmetrical...
Operation Desert Shed
Architect Lloyd Russell’s design for this desert getaway passively mitigates the elements with a utilitarian solution, turning a...
The Architecture of Excess: Caesars Palace at 50
Take a trip back to midcentury glamour as the Las Vegas icon celebrates a half-century this summer.
Olympic City: Gary Hustwit on Sochi and the Afterlife of the Games
While Sochi’s true legacy is yet to be written, the questions raised by inflated budgets and shaky construction are already being...
A Gehry Gets a Facelift
Looks like Santa Monica Place (originally designed by Frank Gehry) will be getting a face-lift that will make it less about the...
Quartzite Counters and Cedar Cladding Come Standard in These $65K Tiny Homes
The 200-square-foot unit by Clever Tiny Homes also figures in storage and a Murphy bed that don’t dominate the floor plan.
A Surfer’s Retreat in the Bahamas
A sustainable cabin in the Bahamas offers a respite for a Florida family.
Living Las Vegas
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but once you leave, you may have trouble banishing Sin City from your mind.
How the Poconos Became the Birthplace of the Heart-Shaped Bathtub
The long-lasting tradition of the “honeymoon hotel” was ignited by the sexual revolution—and the flame never died.
Surf Shacks 013 - Sam McIntosh
You may not have heard of a handsome and humble Aussie named Sam McIntosh—especially if you live here in the States.
16 Modern Detached Garages That’ll Transform Your Outdoor Space
A detached garage is a perfect opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal and functionality.
A Party House in Hacienda Agua Caliente
In August of 2004, a weekend-long party took place at a new house in the Hacienda Agua Caliente neighborhood of Tijuana, Mexico.
“I Want You to Feel Cheated”: A Conversation with Lee Bey
A month into his new ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ column, one of America’s last architecture critics reflects on his work, and its fragile...
CityCenter Las Vegas
When you visit the website for the newest major development in Las Vegas, you are taken on a stomach-dropping virtual sweep up,...
The Best Hotel in America Is Inside the Memphis Pyramid
A continued object of social media fixation that contains a Bass Pro Shops in a man-made swamp, The Pyramid’s long history of...
The Wiyot Tribe Is Getting Its Land Back and Making California More Affordable
Using the first community land trust developed under tribal law in the United States, the group is turning empty buildings in the...
Infrastructure, Politics, and the Dilemma of Donald Trump
Architects discuss the threat of depoliticizing architecture admist the evolving political context.
Scotland: Day 4
Today was my second full day in Glasgow and now that I've become an ace navigating the City Center and Merchant City...
A Complex Story
My father’s prefabricated housing project, Habitat ’67, broke ground in April of 1965.
Waste Opportunity
While the Western world forgets its waste with a flush, 2.6 billion people don’t even have toilets.
Montreal Exposed
Dispassionate about his city's de rigueur "City of Design" designation, architect Gilles Saucier shows us there's more to...
Diary of an Accidental Transatlantic Cruiser
Cruise journals are usually penned by obsessives or skeptics.