Collection by Juliane Huang

World’s Most Spectacular Skylines


Something about the outline of a city against its clear, crisp sky stops us in our tracks and commands our attention. City skylines stand as testaments to human engineering and architectural advancements. Its shape reveals our history, our culture, our beliefs, our beauty to the infinite universe. How can we not stop and stare?

This story originally appeared on Matador Network, a Dwell partner site.

Chicago skyline reflected off the Bean. Photo by: jswieringa.
New York, New York, U.S.A. Photo by:...
Miami, Florida, USA. Photo by: vgm8383.
Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by: Andrew Hux.
Vancouver, British Columbia. Photo by: kennymatic.
Republic Plaza, Singapore. Photo by: Singapor3.
Sydney, Australia. Photy by: Maik Radke.
Shanghai, China. Photo by: Molas.
London, England. Photo by: vemma.
Perth, Australia. Photo by: Ole Reidar Johansen.
Cologne, Germany. Photo by: JaBB.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo via 7_70.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo via The Wandering Angel.
Hong Kong.Photo by: wenzday01.
Tokyo, Japan. Photo by: tenaciousme.
Cairo, Egypt. Photo by: Aldas Kirvaitis.
Moscow, Russia. Photo by: Alexander Andreev.
Warsaw, Poland. Photo by: Qba from Poland.
San Francisco, California, USA. Photo by: Selena N. B. H.