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Winners of the Inside 2013 Design Competition


We're thrilled to announce the winners of Inside 2013, a design contest seeking to "promote the research, exploration, and investigation currently happening amongst today's emerging talent." Using Morpholio, a new group of applications for creatives, the entrants shared their most innovative design and architecture projects, which ranged from interiors to furniture to conceptual structures. Inside 2013 is divided into two categories: Future Voices, students only, and Emerging Talent, young professionals or enthusiasts (see all the entries here. Our favorite projects included the Emerging Talent winner, Hive City, a 22-foot-tall silo built to house a colony of bees in Buffalo, New York. Flip through the slideshow to see the champions and honorable mentions.

Emerging Talent Jury Winner: Urban Bee Habitat by Hive...
Emerging Talent EyeTime Winner: Kitchen of Elements by Seda Zirek.
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Shibuya Tower by John Szot.
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Splash Mosaic Designs by Paul Reiss.
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Inside a Sinkhole, a Convent by Javier...
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Seed Library and Ascending Urban Garden by Danielle...
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Stool by Frank Divay.
Emerging Talent Jury Honor Award: Tango Pouf by Ryszard Manczak.
Emerging Talent Morphoio Special Recognition: Filament Mind by Brian Brush.
Emerging Talent Morpholio Special Recognition: Susi-teria by Richard Sarrach.
Future Voices Jury Winner: Goat Island, Sydney, by Brad...
EyeTime Winner: Empyrean Lighting LED Lamp by Kelly Cones.
Future Voices Jury Honor Award: Restaurant by Thaddeus Lee.
Future Voices Jury Award: Icarus by Jason Khoo.
Future Voices Jury Honor Award: Wall Shelf by Rubin...
Future Voices Jury Honor Award: Room in the River by Veronica Acosta.
Jury Honor Award: The Portland Hostel by David Cho.

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