Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

West Coast Green 2010


West Coast Green kicked off on Thursday in San Francisco. This year, the annual sustainable design conference is host to speakers like green jobs advocate and Green for All senior fell Van Jones, Cradle to Cradle author and architect William McDonough, Natural Capitalism Solutions founder Hunter Lovins, and more as well as a convention hall full of exhibitors. We took a stroll through the booths to find the latest in green goods.

San Francisco's Fort Mason and its Festival Pavilion is playing main stage for the three-day event, which closes...
Vetrazzo, a glass surfaces company, was recently acquired by Polycor and moved its production from the Bay Area to...
Also displaying recycled-glass surfaces was IceStone.
In our July/August 2010 Energy Issue, we featured the Sparano-Mooney Residence and its Solatube Daylighting Systems...
Bay Area Pervious Concrete displayed its permeable surface solution a live demonstration.
Also on display was the GreenCycler a new product that is just now accepting pre-orders.
Recycle Movement Corp.
Also among the mix of booths was Lyngsø Garden Materials, based in Redwood City, California.
Representatives from the Cool Roof Rating Council were on hand sharing information about the nonprift, which rates...
Making its debut at West coast Green was Plug 'n Save Energy Products Solar Shutters.
The shutters are designed especially with apartment and condo dwellers--those who might not be able to add solar panels...
Two companies were on hand to speak about sheep's wool insulation, which has been increasing in popularity in the...
Bellweater Materials was the other sheep's wool company at the conference.
Ecohaus displayed its range of sustainable products, ranging from flooring to finishes to countertops.

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