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Welcome Hut


Toronto-based firm Levitt Goodman Architects is known for its green designs. "We've done lots of LEED-certified buildings, but we're looking toward the bigger picture of sustainability," says Janna Levitt, a principal at the firm. So when Matthew Cohen, a senior project manager at Evergreen (a nonprofit geared to creating and supporting sustainable urban spaces), called Levitt earlier this year, the timing and partnership could not have been better.

The project on which Evergreen was seeking help was the development of Evergreen Brick Works, the adaptive reuse of...
Cohen reached out to Levitt Goodman Architects (whose "Off the Grid" Adams-Fleming Residence we featured in our May...
Completed in June 2010, the structure serves to greet visitors and provide information about Evergreen, the site, and...
Levitt's goal was to use as many recycled and reclaimed materials as possible.
Levitt and Touw covered the ceiling with artifacts found on the Brick Works site.
The doors were also salvaged from the site.
Levitt and Touw worked with local furniture designer Andrew Reesor and a group of tenth grade students to create the...
The Evergreen Brick Works permanent welcome center opened this past weekend--but that doesn't mean the end of the...
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