Collection by Diana Budds

Ways to Incorporate Trees into Homes


In the following slideshow, spy seven ways that architects and designers crafted their structures around trees.

Read about this Japanese island home here.
A young, drought-tolerant Tristania conferta (also known as Australian brush box tree) grows up through the chill-out...
The 300-year-old beech tree supplies shade, movement, sound, and color to the site, and provides a towering natural...
"We tried to achieve a space in which inside and outside co-exist together," architect Akira Mada says.
As in House 1.0, House 2.0 relies on recycled wood for support–—notably, two enormous former mooring posts of...
Finally, the stone pine tree reveals itself from the backyard looking over the Venice neighborhood.
In stark contrast to Monti’s 1920s home now being rented out, the Walnut Residence never seems to run out of natural...

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