Collection by Olivia Martin

Touring the Weimar Bauhaus Campus


Dwell tours the first Bauhaus campus built by Henry Van de Velde in 1907 to learn more about Walter Gropius's ideology behind the modern design school.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus school was housed in the former Grand-Ducal Saxon Academy of Fine Arts...
Karl Peter Röhl created the Bauhaus seal in 1919 (left).
Murals by students inside represent the Bauhaus aesthetic: primary colors and geometric shapes.
Another mural in the school represents artist and assistant Bauhaus director Wassily Kandinsky's color theory, in which...
Walter Gropius's office, with furniture created by the students, was divided into two areas within one square space: a...
Designers used this drawing, made in the 1920s to reconstruct Gropius's office.
Twenty minutes away from the campus is the first and only house that the Bauhus built in Weimar.

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