Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Touring Basel, Switzerland, Part 1


At the end of September, I hopped across the pond to visit Basel, Switzerland, and the nearby Laufen bathrooms factory and showroom. Basel is bisected by the Rhine and sits just south of the intersection of Switzerland, France, and Germany. In the ancient city, first settled during the days of the Roman Empire, you find a mix of soaring neo-Gothic cathedrals, Serra sculptures, knit graffiti, and more.

A climb up one of the Münster cathedral spires offers this view of the Rhine and the Mittlere Brücke (Middle Bridge)...
Upon arrival, I checked into my hotel and the headed toward the Marketplatz public square.
I'd seen images of urban knitting and knit graffiti all over the web but had never seen it in person before I visited...
City Hall, which dates back to the 16th century, stands on one edge of the Marketplatz, an open square that is filled...
At a restaurant across from City Hall, I enjoyed my first Swiss meal: fried eggs, bacon, and rosti.
One of the best parts about Basel is enjoying its beautiful old streets, many of which are as picturesque as this one.
The best way to enjoy these old streets is by following one of the five city walks.
The city is filled with old beauty and in many places, it's juxtaposed with modern installations, such as Richard...
These pyramids on the other side of the Elisabethenkirche also offset the church's neo-Gothic architecture and reminded...
If there's one thing that Basel is not short on, it's museums. There are simply too many to visit in one trip.
One of my favorite finds was that nearly all the houses, multiresidential buildings, and offices had operable window...
Though the architecture in Basel is largely historic, there are splashes of modern construction throughout the city.

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