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Tour 8 Awesome Tiny Cabins Around the World


Our favorite site for off-the-grid inspiration gets a new tome.

The new book Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere (Little Brown and Company) feasts on competing desires. One desire is to “get away from it all.” Another is to stay in constant contact with interesting people or subjects through the Web and social media. Cabin Porn started as a reader-sourced Tumblr account where people shared photographs of their rustic cabins, all modest in size. 10 million unique visitors strong, the hard-bound compendium of the site's contributions has arrived. Here, we take a look at a few of our favorite examples of cabin living from the book.

Sebastian Heise’s wooden structure, seemingly atilt, overlooks a green valley in Oberwiesenthal, Germany.
Anka Lamprecht and Lukas Wezel shared their rustic domicile in a valley in Grotli, Norway.
Some cabins are underground, or in the book’s taxonomy, Earthen.
In Kulusuk, East Greenland, Haukur Sirgurdsson enjoys the reflections of a large lake speckled with floating ice chunks.
Jackson Tucker Lynch’s geodesic yurt in fforest Camp near Cardigan, Wales makes inventive use of ceiling fabric to...
Once a water mill, this cabin suitable for folklore was built by a Serbian painter.
Among the more interesting inclusions in the book's “Salvaged” category is Jay Nelson’s Honda Civic camper.
Ethan Schussler built his first tree house at 12 years old.