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This Travel-Ready Trailer May Look Small, But It Can Sleep Six


Capacious enough to fit full-size appliances and a party of six, the 269-square-foot ESCAPE Traveler redefines roughing it.

The ESCAPE Traveler stands out from other trailers by blending in. Designed to resemble a prairie cabin, its cedar lap...
The 269-square-foot rolling home sacrifices few of the conveniences of sedentary life.
Low-E windows form an energy-efficient seal and usher in natural light.
A narrow bathroom contains a 60-inch shower and tub as well as an optional washer-dryer, luxuries many...
A small fireplace complements the coziness of the living area. Built-in shelving helps cut down on clutter.
With two sleeping lofts and a convertible daybed, the Traveler can accommodate six.
The 28-feet-long, five-ton trailer can be towed behind a standard pick-up truck, making it the perfect companion for...