Collection by Allie Weiss

This House Concept was Created by Data from 200 Million Clicks on a Real Estate Site


Following our recent issue dedicated to the new smart home, we've had homes driven by technology on our minds. Swedish real estate site Hemnet developed a housing concept that's actually created by data. By analyzing over 200 million clicks on the site, architects Tham & Videgård designed a residence that they believe represents the ideal Swedish home.

Driven by data found on the site, the architects decided to merge the traditional red wooden cottage archetype with the...
The most popular properties on the site had white walls and wood parquet flooring.
57% of the properties included in the study had an open-plan kitchen.
Neutral sofas were incredibly popular, as were fireplaces.
"Balcony" was the most popular search term on Hemnet in 2014.
The average number of bathrooms in the surveyed houses was 1.6. Skylights and mosaic tiled walls were popular.