Collection by David Rudin

This Glowing Library Addition is Every Writer's Dream Escape


A garage is replaced with a three-story space for reading, writing, and contemplation.

On a suburban street in Syracuse, New York, PARA Project designed a three-story garage and studio space for a family of writers. The studio, which adjoins a traditional home, features a library and writing space on its second level, which, at the owners’ request, comes complete with a sunken bathtub. Its uppermost level serves as a peaceful reading room. A vision in white, PARA's design creates distinct spaces, each with their own characters and relationships to the outdoors. The reading room’s concrete floor shields it like a cocoon, whereas the library allows occupants to relax in the bathtub and take in views. Within its limited confines, the studio provides a room for every mood and need.

The studio replaces a single-story garage, which was demolished so this project could be built.
The façade is wrapped in 3-millimeter-thick silicon impregnated fiberglass fabric.
The studio’s second floor serves as a library.
A constellation of slit windows perforates the studio’s side, giving its exterior a unique character and bringing light...
The floor of the studio’s upper level curves upwards, enveloping occupants in a calming reading room.
The concave floor of the reading room also defines the shape of the library.