Collection by Allie Weiss

Things to See at Sight Unseen Offsite


Sight Unseen's annual design showcase, taking place this year at Hudson Mercantile on 500 West 36th Street, highlights modern wares from both new and established studios.

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Husband-and-wife duo Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz of BROOK&LYN are displaying these spun metal planters.
Ladies & Gentlemen Studio showcases geometric chandeliers against Calico's Brasscloth wallpaper.
Brooklyn designer and Ellen's Design Challenge winner Katie Stout, who will be attending Dwell on Design Los Angeles,...
Visibility and Mold collaborated on the Life Measured pitcher, a hand-blown glass carafe with removeable rings that...
Vancouver-based firm Studio Medium makes its debut at the show with products including Halo, a light made of steel,...
Florida-based studio Yield displays a number of its modern home goods, including the French Press coffee makers, Spun...
Bower is releasing a series of mirrors that were sourced and cut in New York City.