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These 8 Dining Tables Are a Feast for the Eye


We wish someone would set a place for us at one of these spectacular dining room tables.

The first tenement codes were written in the mid-1800s, and this was one of the original buildings for worker housing,”...
The kitchen table, built into the structure of the house, includes two hot plates.
Light from windows on all four sides spills over the dining room’s custom-made teak table.
Bornstein and his daughter Velma sit at a table the architect designed himself; the dining chairs were designed by Arne...
Pedrali’s orange Frida 752 chair, two metal Tolix Marais chairs, and Philippe Starck’s Olly Tango seat surround a...
The home’s informal dining space has a slightly rustic feel, sporting bronze and wood in the form of a Lindsey Adams...
Adrian Jones and Allison Silverman sit at their reclaimed wood dining table.
The dining table, made from a single piece of teak, is a little over 13 feet long and was custom made for the space.